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    Buy low on Ryan Mathrews?

    Redraft, Keeper, or Dynasty?
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    Matt Forte

    He's too small and that o-line isn't helping him in goalline situations. no hole and no push at all. Martz's offense will make him the quick and safe option for Cutler on almost every play. That means big results weekly. Not Marshall Faulk in his prime, but closer to that than to Forte of...
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    When will you be arriving in the Cities? Should we do food prior? Want to swing past my place...

    When will you be arriving in the Cities? Should we do food prior? Want to swing past my place? Where are you staying? Too many questions? My phone number is 312-848-6327. That's a Chicago number, but it reaches me here in St. Paul... As does 651-214-2905. Same phone actually. Although...
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    Rate Your Teams Draft/Offseason.

    I'm pleased, but not blown-away by the Vikings' draft. The team I'm most intrigued by is the Seahawks, given what they did with the trades during the draft. I'm guessing it has immediate impact for them. Perhaps more so than any actual draftee.
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    Roger Goodell remains the commish of the NFL

    Condi Rice once said her dream job is to be NFL commissioner, so why not?
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    Browns release Stallworth

    I could also see the Jets taking a risk on him. The thought being that he may still have some insight into the Patriots (less after years away), plus that whole stick-it-to-'em thing that those two teams have going. Also, Rex Ryan has a history of dealing with some of the biggest thugs in the...
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    1st 2010 NFL Mock Round 2

    The New York Jets take: Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
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    NFC Championship Game Discussion Thread - Saints vs Vikings

    Have you guys seen this? (From the Onion) Brad Childress Consoles Self Over Loss With A Little Pedophilia | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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    1st 2010 NFL Mock Discussion Thread

    Sorry for the delay. Was at a party for the game last night. Didn't check the thread until I got on my lunch break today.
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    1st 2010 NFL Mock Round 1

    Jets take Golden Tate - WR - Notre Dame
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    TOP 5 for each position next year.

    I'll give you mine after the Super Bowl. There are still 7 games in which major injuries can happen.
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    TOP 5 for each position next year.

    My take on ACL injuries = 1 year to recover from ACL, but not really good again until the 2nd year back. I'd scratch Welker from the list for a while.
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    Will Lane Kiffin suceed at USC?

    Success as an assistant doesn't indicate future success as a head coach. The skills that it takes to work for someone else aren't the same as the ones needed to take the helm and run the whole damned show.
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    Will Lane Kiffin suceed at USC?

    He has yet to succeed anywhere, so why would USC be any different?
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    Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints - Official Game Thread

    I don't like anything about this game. All offense? C'mon! What happens to either one of these teams when they hit an awesome defense? Whichever of these teams get any action from their D will win. I'm thinking it'll be the Cards.