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  • We'll likely stay at Nancy's mom's house in White Bear. We can certainly do food prior to the game -- your choice of places. Let me know where and when to meet you, OK. I've got your number now so I'll call when we get into town -- probably Saturday or Sunday.
    Need to know where and when we're meeting next Tuesday for the ballgame. I've got the tickets in hand.
    I'll stop after this :) but check out Old Town you have Steppenwolf and Secondcity and you will have brownline stops.
    Im in the Uptown area if you move to Ravenswood we would be very close. I know Ravenswood i think pretty good let me know if you need any help. Also since you like the brown line check out Lincoln Square very cool area and Lincoln Square we would be close too.
    This last week we were looking primarily at Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview. We're going to focus more on the brown line stops on our next visit... Ravenswood, etc. We are trying to end up close to where a number of the theatres are without trying to be in the Loop theatre district.
    Good to see ya! It would be great to have you back around here more regular again!
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