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  • BAD year for us CUBS fans ( worse than usual that is) but dont worry Swept by the Tigers the SOX are gonna crumble!!!!
    Sox up 2-1 in the series so far :koolaid:

    Jake Peavy is the greatest pitcher of all time.

    It must really suck to be a Cubs fan.........
    Not doing anything on Valentines Day itself, stayed a few nights at the Four Winds Casino on Mon. and Tues which was nice.
    Old Town is well out of our price range, mostly. We did go see a show at Steppenwolf last Tuesday night. We never made it up to the more Northern Redline stops, either, so we'll have to check those out.

    We'll be back in town at the end of this month. The Illinois Theatre Association auditions are at UIC then. We'll only be in town on the 30th & flying out on the 31st, but we're going to try to look a little bit, then. I'll shoot you an e-mail closer to our trip.
    This last week we were looking primarily at Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview. We're going to focus more on the brown line stops on our next visit... Ravenswood, etc. We are trying to end up close to where a number of the theatres are without trying to be in the Loop theatre district.
    You're in Chicago, right? There's a good chance I'm moving there in the near future (let's call it "May-ish")
    Nikki, Did you find the email ?? I sent it to the hotmail addy posted in Shula. It is from my After Dark ID
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