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  • Was thinking about Tekie today. Did he and unbelievable reconcile? was hard to tell from his postings. I miss him in here.

    Hope all is well with you and all of yours.
    You won the Playoff Pool. I am getting ready to leave for work in a camp up north in a couple days. Harvest is getting into best season right now. Do I have to worry about any allergies in your household. Gonna send you an extra slab of Smoked Salmon to try out the Curry recipe I posted. Let me know. Will be sending in a month or so. Give me a shipping addy. Thanks, AD
    I am in 1 paid one and a few free ones . I really don't pay much attention to the free ones only because they were for 'experience" and i don't know others in it. The cost doesn't matter as long as their is a competitive and friendly atmosphere. The paid one I am in I have been in for a few years and always seem to end up in 3rd. I am hoping that next year there will be an opening where I can play against some of you good guys like you, Tek, and Coach just to name a few. I have more fun in just your average redraft league but am interested in a keeper league as well but dynasty is just a little to heavy for me at the moment. Anyway its been fun, interesting, and insightful to say the least.
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