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  • My $$ league is a 7 player keeper league. I'll check in with you if we get an opening. So far no one has bowed out this seaon and I've been asking for a month if everyone was coming back. Me, Tekie, Brandon Boy,J Scott, Chrislabaugh, and 2-minute drill play there. The others owners are not members here at sports outlaw.
    Hope you along with your family and friends all have a very Merry Christmas. It's been great to have you with us this fantasy season!
    Merry Christmas back at ya JJ, fun year indeed. How many fantasy leagues are you in? I'm in 2 and run one of those.
    Heck, The Jags D seemed like a great move to me. I spent a couple of Days thinking it was pretty clever. There was much out there to pick from so I don't think it could have affected the outcome. Back to the Steelers D next week. Lol, love those Cats!!
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