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    2020 NFL FA signings and moves and other news

    anyone else think this free agency this year is more exciting than last year
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    Eli Manning is....

    If Terry Bradshaw is in then why not Eli Bradshaw 107 w 51L 27k yards 52 percent completion rate 212 tds 210 ints 4 bowl wins Manning 117w 117L 57k yards 60 percent completion rate 366 tds 244 ints 2 bowl wins heck Dan Fouts is in Fouts 86w 84L 1 tie 43k yards 59 percent completion rate 254 tds...
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    Superbowl build up and other NFL news

    I wanted to do a lot of things until I was 45 too. Good luck Brady
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    Week 15 Help

    dak and sam
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    Week 14 RB Help

    I like mixon and depending how high a ceiling i need would go wilson. If you think your game might be close would go mixon,miller
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    2018 NFL Fantasy Lineup Doctor

    standard scoring, non ppr grabbed riddick just in case
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    2018 NFL Fantasy Lineup Doctor

    in playoffs in money league standard scoring. Brady @ Mia Dak vs Phi also if hilton doesnt play who of these off the wire should i get Stills vs NE Parker vs NE Grant @ hou Riddick @ ari [email protected] buf ito @ GB Edmonds vs Det Burkhead @ Mia ugh nobody worth a dang on wire
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    Week 12: Lamar Jackson or Jameis Winston?

    of course I agree:rolleyes: , ambiguously
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    MNF Chiefs/Rams: Delayed, Moved...?

    Khan you must trade all your stud RB's to me
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    NFL 2018, Week 11: In or Out and other news

    he better not miss the bus then
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    NFL 2018, Week 11: In or Out and other news

    Flacco is doubtful every week to score points
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    LOL Banned from FBG

    you love me too much to ever ban me