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  • catman, I'd like to add Archie Bradley, SP, Arizona as my NA pick but Yahoo wouldn't let me without dropping someone. Can you add him for me? Thanks!!
    I know you from another lifetime.
    would you agree that...
    The standard argument for not being able to fix the government is because
    it wouldn't survive the operation.
    when it comes down to it.
    the government is so far gone from where it began
    starting over would probably kill it.
    and it would become an even bigger monster.
    anyway, just wanted to share.

    a friend from the dead
    Good Morning Catman, I need your help. I made a post under Good Morning, Outlaws i a response to Coach that included his quote. I some how posted twice, please delete the first one that was incomplete.
    Appreciate your help.
    J J
    Catman, In my infinite wisdon, I some how made a double post to the Receipe thread on Outlaw Hideout. If you would like to delete one of them for me, it would be appreciated.
    When will you be arriving in the Cities? Should we do food prior? Want to swing past my place? Where are you staying? Too many questions?

    My phone number is 312-848-6327. That's a Chicago number, but it reaches me here in St. Paul... As does 651-214-2905. Same phone actually. Although, if I call you from it, you'll see the Chicago number.
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