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    Antonio Gates injury update

    I'm worried that this extra pressure on Tolbert will aggravate his injury too, though.
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    Football Sunday.... A day like no other!
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    Marques Colston Out 4 Weeks

    That sucks! The from the looks of Graham, he still needs time a mature and gain his confidence on the longer, covered routes. Meacham and Henderson will also suffer a bit more now that Colston isn't there to draw the coverage.
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    Notre Dame is looking good

    I love you!
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    MFL Gameday 2011

    Thank you! I'm back on a work PC and am looking forward to utilizing this widget. They don't offer it for Mac... or did they fix that?
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    LeRoy Selmon -- 1954-2011

    Tampa starts the season with a loss.... He's a fantastic cornerstone of the community and I'm sad to see him move on.
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    Handcuff for Blount?

    At this point, Lumpkin and Bradford are just about equal. Remember, TB won't be quick to highlight a true #2 at this point. Lumpkin was brought to Tampa last year right along side Huggins, but then got injured right along side Huggins too. He's basically starting over and earning his stripes...
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    Crabtree PUP'D

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    Bruce Gradkowski a Bengal?

    True, but there's more to being a good QB than knowing a system. When I think of a veteran teaching a rookie, I think of someone who can develop his senses , improve his blindfolded intuition on the line, during the play and during preparation as he's navigating his team through a top-notch...
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    Cedric Benson Back With The Bengals

    That's explains my broken heart. It's too bad, he's giving up watching the games on Sunday with Moss to torment us for another year. You're right, good thing its just 1 year.
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    Eagles sign QB Vince Young to be a backup!

    I'm confused. Why would the Eagles pay so much for someone who fizzles so easily? That's like paying 5 million for one dose of Alka-Seltzer. They better drink up quick or they'll loose any relief they hoped to gain.
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    Ryan Mathews vs Mike Tolbert

    Personally, I chose Tolbert every time. His quality of running, his shucks and dives and bulldozes through coverage are more fearless and natural than the NFL version of Mathews. I'd grab Tolbert over Mathews despite the ADP difference. Mathews has yet to fully become a man on the field and I'd...
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    Randy Moss Retires after 13 seasons

    Moss was being passed around like a cheesy-crust Papa John's pizza on Friday night. Emphasis on the cheesy crust. His performance was less than stellar the past few years. I'd want to leave with what's left of my dignity too. Not questioning his talent... just the fact that we haven't seen a lot...
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    Rams reach deal with Mike Sims-Walker

    Yeah - What he said!
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    Patriots RB Discussion

    They haven't HAD a solid RB because Bill doesn't WANT one. He's long as he's dating Brady he wont bother to develop anybody else.