Farewell and Goodbye - I mean, Hello Again!


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Alot of you know this, but some of those who aren't in leagues or post in politics may not. But after a very wonderful and long run, our owner has decided its time to close the doors.

First, I want to thank Mike, the owner, for putting this place up,and letting those of us who needed a place to post and vent come and feel Welcome! Thanks Mike, it has been wonderful.

For those of you who wish to keep together, and keep posting, alot of us have decided to move over and Join Mudloggerone's side Mud Flaps. Feel free to mosey over, but you will need to register and be allowed in. To speed this up, I would suggest keeping the same user name as here, or PMing Mud to let him know who you really are.

Thanks to all you loyal posters that made this site fun to be at, and I hope to see you more over at Mud's place.

Not sure when Mike will finally close the doors, but it won't be long, so if you have league content you need to save, make sure you get it sooner and not later.

Fairwell all, and thanks for all the fish!

Link to Mud's site for those wishing to join: MudFlaps :: Index


My thanks to Mike as well. It's been a blast and I thank you all for making this a great place to be. You are all welcome to come over to mudflaps which is a small forum that I have had for years. Join under your Outlaw name so that I will know to approve you. This forum is in large part closed to non-members and we get zero spam that way. Copy and paste this link to your address bar to access the site. Do note that this is a family oriented site and foul language and nudity is not allowed. Those that need league boards should let myself or PhiCin know and we'll set it up for you.



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Sad day. :( Some don't realize this but I've come and gone a few times over the years to this site. I am so glad I am back to seeing all you guys again. Thanks Mike, for putting up with us all these years. I still remember the silly arcade games we used to banter back and forth about. Good times for sure. Sports Outlaw will be missed.


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It will be happening. I am stepping down as owner and passing the reigns over, but the site will remain. More details shortly.
Thanks for the years in this Mike. You did a stellar job.


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Mike, thanks for all of the hard work.....and thanks for being a friend. One of these years I'll have to get down South to visit.


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Thanks for all of your hard work, Mike. I may not post a lot on here but I do visit almost every day and participate in several contests, tournaments, and leagues. I also want to thank all of the Administrators and Moderators, especially catman for all of his contributions to the baseball forum.


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Okay, was going to start a new thread, but what the heck....

I am officially taking over this site from Mike. He was generous enough to allow me to do so, and I am greatly appreciative of the trust.

With this move, I have to move the site to a server I control, so am working with a resource to do just that. So if there is some interuption of service, that is what is up, not us going down.

Once everything is complete, I will post and let all you know.

Key is, we are NOT shutting the doors, my plan is to keep this going and letting everyone go as has been done. I don't plan a ton of changes, if any at all, just want to make this a fun place for folks to post and enjoy.



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First, thanks to Mike for all the years he kept this going! This place has been an internet home to me for many years and while I don't post as much, it's great to see it survive.

Second, thanks to Phic for continuing to give this place life. Hope to enjoy many more years around here.


Big thanks to @Phicinfan for taking over the reigns. I will still be around to post occasionally when I have time, and around in the background for whatever help our new leader needs.