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  • Quick Question on RBs for Hafax

    Singletary, TySon Williams, Jamal Williams, Sermon.

    I have Jamal and Sermon in. Just pulled Singletary
    Hey bud next week I was going to do a matchup breakdown with game synopsis and fantasy sit starts for each matchup. Would it be better for the site to do it in a thread or in the article section? I could do 1 article or an individual thread for each game.
    Hello Mr. Miller just dropping by to say Hi!!! Is the situation is CinCin as bad as it sounds??? Who the heck is gonna be slinging the ball out there and what are your thoughts on Mr. Simpson?? Is Benson going to be there?? Looking forward to another outstanding year with the outlaws....see ya in the forums!!
    "Guess we'll see. I see a lot of QB's out there this year. Last year the QB's avaialble sucked, this year there is a lot of supply that was not there a year ago."

    Agree with ya here, This is how I felt going into this offseason and have kind of planned for it
    How can I contribute to the advice on Fitz the Buffalo QB and Rashad Jennings>>?

    I don't see a donate button here. Thx again, I appreciate it. Good luck in your leagues!!
    Hey miller,

    Wanted to let you know that I received my Buffalo Wild Wings lawn chair today. :jiggy:

    I haven't opened it yet, though, cuz with Christmas looking very lean this year I thought an extra present under the tree would look nice. :tree:

    Thanks Santa ;)
    UFC Ground & Pound Season 2 Champion!!

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