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    Marion Barber!!!!

    Yeah I definitely agree Barber is exceptional when healthy.
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    Close Call #2: Roddy White vs Miles Austin

    Miles Austin has this one for me, looking at those stats at the top of the page its clear that in one season Miles has shown that he's someone to be watchful of.
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    A.P. working on "Butter Fingers"

    I think the medicine ball may solve Adrian's problem only if he learns to control the actual football and the medicine ball.
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    Cowboy's Complex Collapse A Year Later

    This was tragic....many could have lost their lives that day.
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    Cowboys RB situation?

    It would probably be Jones-Choice-Barber I mean that would be a smart move considering what Jones and Choice show when they step out onto the field. Even though I am kinda on team Marion he's just not bringing enough to the table for us to be a rely on run team.
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    1st 2010 NFL Mock Discussion Thread

    Cowboys will be picking out of the bunch too!
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    Poll: Big Game Wild Card: Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys - Official Thread

    Ha i knew my Boys would win as soon as I saw all the comments from you all saying Philly was gonna win. I go by this the most people who think the opposite of the Boys would win...? The Boys always end up winning. and yeah we are gonna be a handful for minnesota next week. I know they are doing...
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    Poll: Big Game Wild Card: New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals - Official Thread

    I think the Jets played pretty good against the Colts so they might be able to pull this one too.
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    NFL Playoffs Week 18 Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys SNF 01/09 /2010

    Hopefully the Boys win I bet 100,000 on my Team!!
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    NFL Week 17 Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys 4 01/03/2010

    haha derringer looks like they didnt looks to me like they got roped 24-0
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    Week 16 - Dallas @ Washington - Sunday Night Football

    LOL barber did pretty good though i can't believe we held them to NO points WOW!! hop on on to the PLAYOFF train BABY!! COWBOYS!!
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    Week 15 - New York Giants @ Washington - Monday Night Football

    so far it looks like the Giants are gonna win it