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    Browns clean out the cupboard

    Hoyer is undefeated! Stud!
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    FA Signing: who will be first

    Revis 1 year 12 million deal with the Patriots
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    FA Signing: who will be first

    Lovie smith said McCown is his starter Jags the favorite to sign Chris Clemons Emmanuel Sanders "really likes" Jacksonville LaMar Woodley visited with Oakland
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    The Lineup Dr. 2013

    Chris.. Floyd or Colston(PPR) lean is Floyd, but Palmers elbow is making me second guess myself...thoughts?
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    Adrian Peterson's 2 Year old son dies....

    Been following this all day.....apparently the mother of the child was dating a 27 year old, poor excuse for a human being, who beat the 2 year old mercilessly....multiple head injuries and in ICU.....well the poor kid who was so innocent has died....very very sad.....Hope this scum rots in...
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    The Lineup Dr. 2013

    PPR Broyles or Pierce for the flex spot
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    Oakland QB sitatuion and effect on DMac

    Easy to say when all indications were that he would....but I am glad they are holding him reason to push anything especially with the team rebuilding....
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    Oakland QB sitatuion and effect on DMac

    Pryor will start.....
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    Fan Duel Week 4

    Draftstreet Salary Cap League 100K Budget QB- Romo (14K) QB- Stafford (13k) RB- Forte (13K) RB- T Rich(11K) WR- Fitz (9K) WR- Garcon (12K) TE- Witten(9.5K) Flex- Sproles(8K) Flex- Broyles(5K) D- Bears(4K)
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    Fan duel - week 3

    Snake Draft, 2/5 PICKSGAMESSTATSTOTAL Griffin III, Ro… WAS-QB ($15,250) WAS 20 @ GB 38 Final320 PaYd, 3 PaTD, 1 RuYd, 1 Int23.9 Ryan, Matt ATL-QB ($15,212) STL 24 @ ATL 31 Final374 PaYd, 2 PaTD22.96 Forte, Matt CHI-RB ($14,070) MIN 30 @ CHI 31 Final90 RuYd, 11 Rec, 71 ReYd, 1 FL20.6...
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    Fan duel - week 3

    Won Some creds last week on Draft Street....finished 1/10(Cap) 1/2(Cap) 2/5(Snake) If i would of changed my free entry to my team that I used for my Cap leagues, I would of won $100, oh well, live and teams last week Cap League PICKSGAMESSTATSTOTAL Henne, Chad JAX-QB ($9,380)...
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    WTF - Trent Richardson

    Exactly....298 Rushes for 1,055 yards, 58 catches for 498 isnt 17 games with 0 passing presence. He will shine in Indy and goes from a pretender to a potential playoff contender and/or Super Bowl in the next few years in a weak AFC.
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    daily leagues on Fan duel

    I am guessing draft street is the same thing...weekly league This is my team for Salary Cap, 100K QB Vick Henne RB Forte Sproles WR Julio Jones Dez Bryant TE Greg Olsen Flex James Jones Cecil Shorts Redskins D 5 Team Snake Draft, PPR, 2 Reserve Spots...I had first Pick QB Ryan, RGIII RB AP...
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    Stone Cold Lock Of The Week

    Already up to -8
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    With Jacoby Jones out 4-6 weeks

    I dont need to pick him up, the inital post as i read it was that Brown might be an interesting player to keep an eye on, especially in deeper leagues....and i concur