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    Hidden Gems

    A couple of Raiders to watch MJD was brought to the Raiders to be the starter but 2nd year RB Latavius Murray is also in the mix OC G.Olsen said on Wed. that "L Murray as possessing the biggest upside for Oakland's RB corps. I like WR Andre Holmes as well. Oh yea, If Matt Schaub has...
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    Welcome back CoachNorm

    Since you have been in touch with Coach's brother maybe you could ask for an address so that we can send cards either directly or via the brother to bring to Coach i bet Coach would like that.
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    Welcome back CoachNorm

    Im saddened to here this, ive talked to Coach a few times via phone, nobody nicer always willing to share his vast sports knowledge.
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    FA Signing: who will be first

    Terrelle Pryor is now a Seahawk
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    FA Signing: who will be first

    I like the addition of James Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew along with Matt Schaub and Justin Tuck, James Jones can mentor the young WR's Denarius Moore, Rod Streeter and Andre Holmes Schuab needs to put last season behind him, if he can do that he will do fine, the signing of Schuab also means the...
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    FA Signing: who will be first

    Once again the Raiders did it ass backwards, should have kept Rashad Jennings and dumped McFadden off blind folded on a stretch of road in the middle of nowhere.
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    FA Signing: who will be first

    Darren Sproles is now an Eagle
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    Hernandez whips shackled inmate in prison

    His most recent murder was to cover up another murder 2-3 tears ago, the most recent victim knew about the other murder and had to be silenced. Is this what your referring too Mud or is there even more bodies left in his wake ?? If this idiot dont maintain his anger just might be another...
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    Lions owner passes away

    Not really familiar with the lions owner William Clay Ford except i heard he was the type of owner that loved his players but hated the business end of owning an NFL team. Via Yahoo Sports his wife will be taking over the Lions RIP Mr Ford
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    2014 NFL Free Agent RB's

    Id hate to see D-Mac go to the Patriots and run for 2000 yards, playing in all 16 games without an injury
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    2014 NFL Free Agent QB's

    Im not putting any stock in this.......... i did read that Josh McCown would be a good fit in Oakland, no thanks the Raiders have a slew of backups already, Something for the experts to talk about im guessing.
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    Sports Outlaw Mount Rushmore Series - RB's

    Emmitt Smith Walter "Sweetness" Payton Barry Sanders Eric Dickerson
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    2014 NFL strength of schedule rankings

    The tough stay true............
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    2014 NFL strength of schedule rankings

    The toughest away and 5th toughest at home, no love for the Raiders, just shoot me now ;) Thats right throw the teams with talent, skill and hope like the Saints a bone :D