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Arctic Dawgs

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  • Shula, down by 26 with Moore and Hartley left against noone. 26 on my bench I could have started (Mostly Cribbs)
  • Lombardi, Opponent needs 72 from Bradshaw, Wayne, and Hartley. I'll be starting Mark Clayton from now on over Breaston
  • Landry, Coach needs 40 more from Bradshaw and Vintieri over Colston. He started Palmer and Breaston over Sanchez, Freeman, Edwards, Royal, Jones. Ouch !!
  • Hired Guns, down by 25 with Reggie against Addai. Left Spillers 175 KR yds on the bench for Williams (Sea) 7yd catch
  • $$$ League, left 60+ on the bench, but he needs 64 from Wayne


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ff in week 2

So there's still 2 games left but for some of us week 2 is already over sadly. For me I was going into this week with 6 wins and 1 loss and even with a few players left to play in some of those leagues I'm staring at 5 losses and 2 wins. Everyone who started r.matthews, romo, turner or cj2k I feel your pain and thanks to one league that was an auto pick I'm stuck with favre and stafford as my backup with little options on the wire. So all in all it was really hard watching all of todays games for me. How is week 2 going for you?


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locked up 2-0 starts in both leagues unless Collie goes bonkers tonight and Wayne/Colston are both shut out...

McFadden, Royal, PIT D all rockstars in home league

Campbell benched in Hired Guns league, looks like I'm QB shopping LOL, but side bet with Miller over Tate looks good so far.....needs 28 over next 3 weeks, got 11 today.....Nugent's 5 fg's definitely helped....


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that means you still need 17 in the next 2 weeks. He'll lay a clunker at some pt from a lack of opportunities since he's just ret kicks now. I love my chances on that yet.


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my man crushes of the week. shaub....best...and ap.
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Well got off to a 6-2 start last week.

This week I'm staring at:
Local League: Up 21.5 with Crab left vs Brees tomorrow. - ?
Shula: Done, Loss - L
HG's: Team woke up! Up 44, Phic has Davis going tomorrow. W
BWW's: Solid week, another win! 2-0 - W
IB (co-op effort with Slabaugh) - Need 12.6 pts from Crabtree for the win (non-ppr). - ?
Prog FL (co-op with Slabaugh) - lost 4 more pts to our D, but look to have this one won. - W
Z48 - Up big and he only has Justin Smith. Win in the bag there. - W
OC - Tough loss here, RZR won a close one. Turner's injury hurt. - L

Like may chance to a 4-2 with 2 to close to call. Anywhere from 6-2 to 4-4 I'm guessing.


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that means you still need 17 in the next 2 weeks. He'll lay a clunker at some pt from a lack of opportunities since he's just ret kicks now. I love my chances on that yet.

LOL hey now, he caught a pass again today.....:grin:


Played Homo over Schaub and Gaffney over Jacoby Jones.

That last minute garbage time TD to Nicks helped ;-)

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Jahvid Best coupled with the continued failures of Turner and Barber cost me a loss to a very bad Mr. EC team.

But Best won me a game in the SUDFFL where I really needed it.

Overall Im pleased.
That guy who fumbled the ball for the Colts when all they had to do was run out the clock and set up the worthless Eli TD pass won me a DFAL game. :koolaid:

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I hope Gore goes Ape Shizz tonight...at least to score two points so Rachelle can finish her upset of Beermutts and let me keep pace in the division.


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Screwed Me

L2K: Joe Flacco 2 weeks in a row (roster move made) & Felix Jones

SOFFL II: Micheal Turner did run for 75yds but failed to score


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Devin Aromashoduodumashodu bent me over.

I decided to be brave and bench Randy Moss because of his match up with The Island. As far as I knew at gametime was that DA was playing vs Dallas. Little did I know but Earl Bennett had taken his place on the field and Aromashodu would be playing special teams. WTF! Lovie, can we get an update??
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