WDIS - Romo or Rivers


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Seems like I start one the other goes off. Rivers goes against Oakland. He should pass plenty and I have Gates as my TE.

Romo going againt Den. Should be a shootout, but Den's def is stout and may have and int feast.

We get bonus for longballs. +2 for 40 yard TDs, +5 for 50+ yard TD.



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I agree with Phic, Rivers would be my pick. He's very hot right now and while Oakland and Denver are pretty close in fantasy points against for Qbs, I would prefer to roll against Oakland.


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When everyone agrees it must be wrong.

Oakland is my upset special this week and Romo plays at home vs a team that hasn't had a bad week yet.

Grit your teeth and go Romo.


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Yeah. All good advice, especially the part about Dallas' Offensive Line being suspect. But I lean toward Romo. He's very consistent this year getting 24 pts weekly approximately. I think this is a tossup but consider each Gates' reception you are getting as some points from Rivers even though you play Romo. I have Romo on my team so I am living with him as you are. Even on the bad weeks he didn't hurt you. I take Romo. If I had Rivers on my team I'd probably say different, but Romo isn't throwing INT's this year. =consistency in fantasy football is nice=

Rivers going against Oakland makes this an easy week for you. You can't pick wrong so....Congratulations. There is no wrong pick this week. But watch after the bye week for Rivers's schedule starts getting wicked. I'd play Romo those weeks for shure. Weeks 9, 10, 14, and 15 (1st playoff wk.)
Week 16 it's all Rivers as Romo plays Green Bay & Kid Rain plays Oakland.
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I would go Rivers, as Denver has a solid def.

They do? They're 30th in the league in passing defense. 25th in total D.

These numbers are pretty bad, but they're slightly skewered by the fact that whoever is playing Denver is forced to air it out for 75% of the game.

This plays right into Romo's hands. There's hardly a chance at all that Romo isn't forced to throw a ton to keep up.

Might not be able to say the same for Rivers. SD could easy have a nice lead. Might not take much more than 21 to win this game


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Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll be leaving the site now and not returning. Don't like the way the admin runs things.
Later days.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll be leaving the site now and not returning. Don't like the way the admin runs things.
Later days.


Ignoring this statement, I too have this same dilemma in Romo or Rivers. I'm leaning towards Rivers with his break out weeks.


I have Rivers in one league and Romo in another I think they are both good starts this week and it would be hard for me to pick betweeen the 2. Hard to sit Rivers with how hot he has been.