MNF- KC @ Green Bay


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I actually see this as a close game. KC defense should be able to pressure Rodgers and keep him from his comfort zone, while running Charles to keep ball away.

I think GB will win, but I think it could be a close game.


Please. Rogers is like 49-8 at home. Hasn't thrown a pick in nearly 600 days at home. It may be close but Pack takes this one.


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I can't think of a single NFL quarterback that I wouldn't rather have than Alex Smith.

Luke McCown or Josh McCown ....Ryan Mallet or Brian Hoyer... Ryan Fitzpatrick or Geno Smith... Mark Sanchez, Austin Davis, Matt Cassell, Johnny Manziel...Is John Unitas dead yet? I'd take HIM.

He must give a good blow job cuz Chiefs didn't even PRETEND to get a QB in the draft. Todd Blackledge WHERE ARE YOU?


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Alex sucks! He's soooo damn boring. Complete a pass to a WR every now and then, Alrx! What the hell is the matter with you??

I'm hating that I drafted Maclin on one team this year