have you noticed the changes?


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SportsOutlaw is on the move to improve!!

We once again have Vbetting to help make the trash talking and sports watching that much more exciting!

There will be tons of opportunities to earn Vcash to put toward the betting. We have a running contest right now for guessing the secret player. Clues will be posted in a thread in the tournaments and challenges area of the Hideout. If you guess the player, and start a thread on that player you can earn $100,000.

also, you might not have noticed :woohoo1: but Smilies are back and working as well!! NOTHING makes posting more fun than a few well place smilies!!:eek:mg::co_obvious::banana1:

So go out there, Post like crazy, and enjoy the added features we have put in place!

Big Thanks to MIKE for making all this possible!


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Be sure to check the vbookie forum so some good sports betting action for your vbucks as well.


Great changes! Is there anyway that we can get tapatalk to incorporate the polls?

Nope. Can't get it to incorporate vbookie either. I mean, you could petition tapatalk to try and include these things, but I don't know that they would.

I recently jumped on board with tapatalk2 and bought it. Basically wasted $4 bucks because there is absolutely no moderating ability with that new version of the app. Probably great for a typically forum user, but if you need to moderate anything, it is useless.