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    Farewell and Goodbye - I mean, Hello Again!

    Thanks for all of your hard work, Mike. I may not post a lot on here but I do visit almost every day and participate in several contests, tournaments, and leagues. I also want to thank all of the Administrators and Moderators, especially catman for all of his contributions to the baseball forum.
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    Here I go again

    Congrats, jj!!
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    Just wondering what is up with all the spam threads? All posters seem to have a "female symbol" as their avatar. Some of them don't even make any sense, just jibberish and broken English.
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    Colts @ Patriots: Who wins?

    I think Herron is much better than Richardson.
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    Why wasn't your team in the playoffs?

    Rams. Lost their starting QB, again. Had Brian Schottenheimer for an OC (I feel for ya, Bulldogs). Jake Long injury and poor play at center and right guard. Not going to Tre Mason sooner. The ineffectiveness of Tavon Austin, downfield (see Schottenheimer). Janoris Jenkin's ability to get burned...
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    Colts @ Patriots: Who wins?

    The Colts have a slightly better running game than they had in the last meeting. I'm saying they move on to meet the Seahawks.
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    Rams need new OC

    If I were a Bulldog's WR, I'd be concerned about my 2016 and 2017 NFL Draft stock.
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    Kronke announces plans for stadium in LA

    The stadium will be five feet above the Hundred Year Flood Mark of 1993, so it should be safe. The building next to the stadium is actually the old steam plant, which was used to heat the old radiators found in many buildings downtown. The fans all seem to want an open air stadium (old school)...
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    Rams need new OC

    Greatest thing to ever happen to the Rams offense.
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    Kronke announces plans for stadium in LA Artist rendering of proposed NFL stadium on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.
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    Kronke announces plans for stadium in LA

    As a Rams season ticket holder, I'm a little pissed that I forked out PSL money 20 years ago that was intended to guarantee me seats for 35 years. Seems like I'm getting screwed out of 15 years of football. Funny how Kroenke can foot most of the bill in LA but can't seem to be able to afford it...
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    Need RB Advice - Week 10

    Agree with Beermutts, West is the starter this week against the Bengals. Dixon might be worth a look as he is starting against the Chiefs. Rainey may give up touches to Sims, who will eventually be the starter in a few weeks.
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    Sitting Cooks

    Green is probably a game time decision whether he starts or not. If he does, then Sanu may not get many targets. I'm in the same predicament this week with Cobb on a bye.
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    Fantasy Football Ethics

    So, you're saying that if my roster is set and my opponents roster is set and neither of us makes a roster move then we are affecting the outcome of the others in the league? Seems the same as agreeing to not make a move that we both actually need.
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    Fantasy Football Ethics

    I don't see anything wrong with the trade truce offer since the two teams in question were playing each other and both obviously had the same needs. It would not have affected any other teams. You may have been looking out for yourself, in that there was a chance that you lost the bid to get...