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    Light news day...
    - Cb FA Bashaud Breeland went to N.E. for a tryout and has left with no deal
    - Qb Carson Wentz may not play at all in pre-season - team still says no set back,but are being cautious with him...
    - Rb Jordan Howard Chi won't play this week due to banging his knee in practice - he is supposedly fine but they don't want to risk him
    - Wr Taylor Gabriel Chi will also sit out working through a minor foot issue
    - De Joey Bosa LAChargers - has a minor foot injury also - but expected to be fine
    - Wr Albert Wilson Mia - is being used all over the field including lining up in back field
    - Qb Josh Allen Buf - is working exclusively with 3rd stringers - so looks like at least for start of season it will be McCarron or Peterman as expected
    - Wr Antonio Brown Pit - is expected back at practice post this weeks preseason game - quad injury seems to be not as bad as thought?
    - Rookie Te Mike Gesicki Mia could be used at Wr as well - kid seems to be really doing well
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    Yeah, the time of year when a bunch of vets "pull up lame" to avoid the hard work involved with the pre-season.
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    Pretty light news day, and I don't like doing puff news so..
    - Jets are stating they are open to trading Bridgewater - makes sense, by all reports Darnold has been very solid, and they have the seasoned vet in McCown
    - Seattle is thrilled with what they have seen from Shaq Griffin - man is just an awesome story with missing a hand and still capable of playing well - Already has picked of Russell!
    - Yesterday folks were dogging on Martavius Bryant - not learning the playbook. suddenly Wr coach has his back and says he had his best day yesterday... uh yeah.
    - Mike Zimmer of Min is flexing his HC muscles - he kicked Diggs Wr and Rhodes Cb out of practice yesterday due to them jawing with each other and a tiff they had yesterday. - You go Mike!
    - In the guess what feature - Kase Keenum gets to face his old team this week in preseason as Denver plays Minnesota - he will get a REALLY close look at that defense this year :D
    - In the ongoing Calloway story for Cle Wr - he has had his initial trial delayed, as he has been allowed to travel to NY for the game this week, but in later news, it wasn't just drugs found in his car(small bag of weed) but also gun parts and ammo. Stupid rookie.... He has already denied the drugs - saying it must have been his friends who used his car before they shipped it up to him.....
    - In one interesting side story - The University of Buffalo just completed a massive health study on Athletes in contact sports vs. athletes in non-contact sports comparing brain function - per the report the non-contact athletes(all retired) were in better physical health than the contact athletes(all retired Bills and Sabers players) but that was due to all the ortho injury history. But in brain function they were all the same, no advantage. Per the Dr. running this, he feels the stories on CTE being expected are over blown.
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