Week 5 DFS


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I went really heavy this week with a small group of players mixed across my tournament entries. It sucks that Ben is so expensive, but its really hard not to play him at home against ATL. I have JuJU in every single lineup, sometimes stacked with Ben.

I have a Cincy stack with Dalton and Boyd. Have Boyd in other lineups as well. His price is cheap for the production.

Ive got 2 Jax stacks. Bortles with Dede, and Bortles with Cole. Also have ASJ in one of them.

Using a mix of Gordon, McCaff, and Mixon at RB. Little bit of Conner. Marshawn in almost every lineup. Love his price for the production.

Alshon, John Brown, Marquez Valding Scantling sprinkled in. Almost exclusively Rudolph at TE. Almost exclusively Tenn at Def.


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Lools like you might have had a good week.

I finally have a good sweat going this year.

Sitting 5th is a $7 tment. $5k to the winner. At $750 now. Cant win, but could improve as high as 2. Need Gurley to get in the endzone.


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Well...looks like 5th it is. Nice score to get me back to a positive for the year. It has been a rough start, so needed that one. Just goes to show it just takes one line up to hit. Lost every other line up, but hit on my slot Bortles line up that i only put in 2 larger tments. 9.22 in entries...800 in winnings.

Hope it was a good week for others.