Week 12: Lamar Jackson or Jameis Winston?


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With Goff on bye, I picked up Jackson after week 10 due the Flacco injury and a great match-up vs Oak in week 12.

Winston vs SF popped up on the wire and I grabbed him too.

Both are playing at home and weather doesn't seem to be an issue, though it will be 30* warmer in Tampa.

I've been really excited about starting the rookie but I've been trying to get Winston since the start of the season for this 1 game.

I'm leaning Winston but Tampa is such a mess he could be benched by Half-Time.

I also picked up Gus Edwards. Do you think he has taken over the Baltimore backfield or was it just a fluke?


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I was gonna get Winston to play against the 11-0 team I'm up against just because of the weapons Winston is surrounded by. I would go Winston.

Edwards will get more carries, but it will be a backfield by committee. Doubt he'll be their #1 next year.


Ditto 2-M in both instances. Likely coaching change coming there so who knows who will be where or what next year. Jackson safer floor, Winston much higher ceiling.


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Well keep a few things in mind - there is still a solid chance Flacco plays - per last reports I saw. So Jackson value could be limited again.
Edwards is the bull back they have not had in Baltimore since Lewis retired. But per above for some reason they like to play round robbin with Rbs there. - I do think regardless of Qb, they will want to run alot if they can in this game.

San Fran's def isn't great, but it could make Winston look silly.

Net - I would start Jackson if he plays, if Flacco plays go Winston.
I am also starting Edwards as a flex in one league, as I think if he plays he will do well vs Oakland


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I'd go Lamar Jackson. Especially if your league awards more points for rushing and rushing tds. Even if you dont like Lamar Jacksom long term, he feels like the kind of running qb that comes in late in the season and makes a splash until lithe league figure out how to gameplan against him.

Winston could have a monster week or he could get benched again. I usually dont advocate owners getting involved in decision making during the season but I'd sure be tempted if I was the Buccaneers owner at this point. I dont understand the musical chairs at QB. If your still thinking Winston could be the qb of the future then play him out the season and see what happens regardless if he makes mistakes. If you have decided to cut bait then bench him and play Fitzpatrick. Tampa Bay can cut Jameis at the end of the season as long as he is healthy. Salary next year is fully guaranteed if he gets injured. So only reason to play him is if you still think he might be the qb answer long term, and if that is the case then play him.

Wondering if Tampa Bay regrets letting Lovie Smith go in favor of Koetter.im not convinced Smith is a great coach, but he does have a much better track record, took the Bears to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as the starter and was pretty competitive in Tampa with Jameis Winston starting at qb.

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