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My squad:
QB: Romo
RB: Doug Martin
WR: AJ Green
WR: Fitz
FLEX: Reggie Bush
TE: Greg Olsen
Bench: Eddie Lacy, Daryl Richardson, Willis McGahee, David Wilson, Josh Gordon, Kenbrell Thompkins

I'm trying to pick on the 0-3 teams that are in panic mode with a 2-1 deal. Im trying to get 1 if these bozos to take Kenbrell and Daryl Richardson for a top flight WR like Marshall or Jordy.

Would anyone take a deal of Josh Gordon and Eddie Lacy for Marshall or Jordy? How about Fitz and Daryl Ruchardson for Marshall or Jordy?

I'm also trying to acquire Gronk in a combo deal. Would anyone trade Fitz straight up for Gronk? I would def do it if I was able to land Marshall or Jordy.

Good ideas for a trade offer for Gronk. The Gronk owner needs a WR.


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fitz for gronk may work, no harm in trying.

good luck getting your first idea to fly. the others are more realistic and i would do them for marshall and possibly jordy. i would push the lacy, gordon idea....but may be a rough sale.


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I'm one of those 0-3 bozos you refer to and I would NOT take your Kenbrell/Richardson garbage for a top flight WR.

Now Gordon and Lacy are a bit more appealing, especially with Gordon on the cusp of being somewhere else.

I just offered VJax and FJax to a "bozo" team for Gronk and expect it to get refused even though they have terrible WRs AND RBs. (Last week they started Da'rel Scott, Pierre Thomas, Lance Moore, James Jones, Chris Givens). They also have Julius Thomas as their other TE.

Not sure where Gronk's value is exactly but I'm afraid it will take more than you are willing to give for him.

Wilson and Gordon have the best "name" appeal on your bench but I still wouldn't give you Marshall or Gronk for them.


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The Gronk owner has Jordan Cameron. Might make him a little easier to deal with concerning Gronk.

So the verdict is that Josh Gordon and Lacy for Marshall is a good deal?


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I like the Quarterback better. Also, Jordy has the slight edge in TD's; 3 to Marshall's 2.

Chicago's strength of schedule is softer though, so you may be correct in their equallness.