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Hey guys. I was thinking, while looking through the forum a bit, is anyone interested in representing their favorite teams in a mock draft? We can have people sign up as SO's designated "GMs" of certain teams, and run our own draft to see what we would come up with if we actually did run the teams. Is anyone interested? If so, let me know.

Rules: 3 rounds; Each member is allowed to run a total of 3 teams each, no more; There are no trades; We will be using the exact same draft order that the NFL will have this year.

First Round:
1. Detroit Lions - FireMillen
2. St. Louis Rams - TurfPro
3. Kansas City Cheifs - Mustang Jones
4. Seattle Seahawks - Arctic Dawgs
5. Cleveland Browns - Mr. Hack
6. Cincinnati Bengals - Miller
7. Oakland Raiders -Dukdown
8. Jacksonville Jaguars - 12gaugetimmy
9. Green Bay Packers - GBG
10. San Francisco 49ers - Dukdown
11. Buffalo Bills - Phicinfan
12. Denver Broncos - Orgazmo
13. Washington Redskins - lemmer
14. New Orleans Saints - Mills
15. Houston Texans - Bobbeaux
16. San Diego Chargers - Sgt John
17. New York Jets - Deuce
18. Chicago Bears - Sgt John
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Runnik's Hambones
20. Detroit Lions (From Dallas) - FireMillen
21. Philadelphia Eagles - Phicinfan
22. Minnesota Vikings - jmsmith1
23. New England Patriots - Dearborn Dolfan
24. Atlanta Falcons - lemmer
25. Miami Dolphins - Dearborn Dolfan
26. Baltimore Ravens - Beermutts
27. Indianapolis Colts - Miller
28. Philadelphia Eagles (From Carolina) - Phicinfan
29. New York Giants - jmsmith1
30. Tennessee Titans - Bobbeaux
31. Arizona Cardinals - Orgazmo
32. Pittsburgh Steelers - WesDawg

Teams without a first rounder:
Dallas Cowboys - Sgt John
Carolina Panthers - Runnik's Hambones

Additional Teams if not claimed by others: (Still available to members)
New York Giants
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Runnik's Hambones

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Awesome. Looks like we have 2 in. Can you guys write what team you would like to represent? That way We can have that filled as well.

I'd like to do the Bucs, but if there's someone else that wants to do them I could always do it for another team. Thanks.


Probably should get someone who is a forum moderator to start a sign-up thread. Also figure out how many rounds it's going to entail.

Runnik's Hambones

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Sign Ups:

Orgazmo - Denver Broncos
FireMillen - Detroit Lions
Arctic Dawgs - Seattle Seahawks
Runnik's Hambones - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (willing to do another team for the sake of the draft

I was thinking doing like 5 rounds or so. Something similar to what we've been seeing in mock drafts, but if anyone would like to make it longer let me know I'm down.

And I agree duk, if possible I'd like to get a sign up thread or something that will help us out. Whatever an admin can do in those regards.


Who Dey
This thread will work as a sign-up, if you run out of time where you can edit the top thread I can do it for you.

I moved the sign-up information into the first thread so you see it when you open it, also changed the title.

You may want to list the original order in that post and just put the names beside it who have signed up so you know what teams your still looking for.

I'm in for Cincy as long as your running it, I can help out with pinning threads and such.

Also, based on past exp with these, you'll likely need to have people sign up for multiple teams, and you may want to shoot for 3 rounds at first. Also, my suggestion is that you don't allow trades, these get pretty unrealistic in a hurry if you allow trades. Just my .02.

Thanks for heading this up.


I'll take the Niners, who draft just behind the Packers, due to having a better record. The Packers will be claimed by GBG.

Thank You.


Who Dey
no prob, may want to hold off on letting people sign up for more than 2 until you have to. Should be able to get most filled, but may need to allow 2, not sure up to 4 is needed.