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Who Dey
Alright, RH and I are going to get one more going before the draft. We know were not going to get through the whole thing, but it would be interesting to see how FA and other moves have effected the first day of the draft. This one will be a 2 round mock, depending on time we may try to get round 3 done with the supplemental picks at the end.

This one will be a little different in that we are looking for Mock GM's who want to give some reasoning for each pick to add to the commentary side. We also want the owners to take at least two teams. Mock GM's can sign up for up to 4 teams at the start. 8-16 mock GM's should make it go quickly. If you join please make sure you have time for it. I'd like to see the owners be able to check at least twice a day and keep the time limit at 12 hours for this one. If you can check once in the morning and once in the eveing you will have no issue with the time limit, also, remember that if you know your going to be out there will be plenty of people who can take a draft list for you and make the pick.

Again, there will be no trades in the mock draft.

If you sign up for 4 teams please be willing to give up one of your teams if a team homer wants to draft his favorite team. You will be able to signify "one" team as your lock, the other 3 may be moved if someone else wants to lock in their team. When you list the teams you want please include your #1 choice as your lock. Obviously only one owner can lock on each team, this will be first come first served.

So let's get it started, lay claim to your teams in here. We'll be looking to start sometime after the mock #1 is over, hopefully by the end of the week.

Sign-up list: *Locked teams
First Round:
1. Detroit Lions - DearbornDolfan
2. St. Louis Rams - DearbornDolfan
3. Kansas City Cheifs - Dearborn Dolfan
4. *Seattle Seahawks - Arctic Dawgs
5. Cleveland Browns - Miller
6. *Cincinnati Bengals - Miller
7. Oakland Raiders - Miller
8. Jacksonville Jaguars - JMsmith1
9. Green Bay Packers - JMsmith1
10. San Francisco 49ers - Sgt John
11. Buffalo Bills - Sgt John
12. Denver Broncos - lemmer
13. *Washington Redskins - Arctic Dawgs
14. New Orleans Saints - Runnik's Hambones
15. Houston Texans - bobbeaux
16. San Diego Chargers - Da Bomb
17. *New York Jets - deuce
18. Chicago Bears -lemmer
19. *Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Runnik's Hambones
20. Detroit Lions (From Dallas) - Dearborn Dolfan
21. Philadelphia Eagles - JMsmith1
22. Minnesota Vikings - Da Bomb
23. *New England Patriots - JMsmith1
24. Atlanta Falcons - Runnik's Hambones
25. *Miami Dolphins - Dearborn Dolfan
26. *Baltimore Ravens - Beermutts
27. Indianapolis Colts - Miller
28. Philadelphia Eagles (From Carolina) - JMsmith1
29. New York Giants - Beermutts
30. Tennessee Titans - bobbeaux
31. Arizona Cardinals - WesDawg
32. Pittsburgh Steelers - WesDawg

Teams without a first rounder:
Dallas Cowboys - Sgt John
Carolina Panthers - Runnik's Hambones

Will Take any Team:
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Who Dey
I'm on Cincy (lock), Cleveland, Indy. Cleveland and Indy can be switched off if a homer wants either one.

Runnik's Hambones

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Tampa Bay (lock), Atlanta, New Orleans and Carolina for me.

NFC South. Remember, post if you would like to lock any of the extra teams we pick. You can gladly have any team you would like to lock.

Sgt John

Swinger of the Banhammer
Gimme two of them who pick one after the other. I will wait and see what is available.


i'm enjoying drafting for the texans and the titans in the other draft and would love to take them in this draft as well . . . ;)


Raven Maniac
I'll lock in on the Ravens. If needed my second team would have to be something close to them, say the Giants?


Who Dey
go ya in mutts, if it's better for you to have back to back picks I can let go of Indy and take the Giants instead. Just let me know.


heading out of town for a meeting and won't be able to check in much until wed evening . . . ya'll probably aren't going to start before then, but just giving ya'll a heads up in case you do . . . ;)


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Will do, may be a couple homer's that will take a couple of them, if they do just let me know your next pick.
I can appreciate that. If that ends up being the case, I'd really like to keep NE and Seattle. If I have to give up Philly and GB thats fine, although I prefer to keep them. If I do lose any, I'd gladly take another!


Who Dey
I can appreciate that. If that ends up being the case, I'd really like to keep NE and Seattle. If I have to give up Philly and GB thats fine, although I prefer to keep them. If I do lose any, I'd gladly take another!
I will lock you in on NE as they were the first you listed above. Only way you would lose any of them is if another homer comes in and wants to use their lock on one of the teams. Other than that, they are yours.

Arctic Dawgs

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Was gonna pass on this one, but not if smith is gonna pick for Seattle. I'll do Was as well if needed. I like Zorn