NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Rams @ Saints 2:05 CST

Patriots @ Chiefs 5:40 CST

Who do you have advancing to the February 3 Super Bowl?


I'm going with my guys in Black & Gold but it's our defense that gives me great hope. Our offense peaked weeks ago. :(

Give me the Pats in game two. I'll be the first to admit I haven't a clue. If the weather is as bad as they say is possible it's an absolute toss up. I'll take the team that is most used to cold weather.


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Saints only because they're playing at home. If this game was in LA I would be picking the Rams and it wouldn't even be a guess

Kansas City


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I'm picking Saints at home. A young QB + A young coach in a game of this magnitude have a distinct disadvantage, IMO.

Picking New England @ Arrowhead. Pats and Brady make fewer mistakes and I'm sure Beli has a defensive scheme designed especially for Mahomes. I got a feeling Gronk comes out of his shell for this one and lights up the Chiefs D.

As far as "wants", I want either a KC/Rams Super Bowl (been dreaming of this since I was a kid) or NE/NO.

The hype surrounding a Brady/Brees match-up would be incredible.


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Saint because Brees > Goff

2 very strong teams, but saints are at home and the Rams D doesn't seem to be playing to their salary levels. (Except Donald)

REALLY want the Chiefs to go. I've been wrong so many times betting on the Pats finally flopping.


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I heard that the noise at the Super Dome last week reached 128 db.

For reference, a chain saw is about 110 db.
Loudest I ever heard the Superdome was the night the dome reopened after Katrina when Steve Gleason blocked the Falcons' punt.