Julio Jones for Joique + Gronk


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An owner in my league has Reggie Bush and has been trying to get me to trade him Joique Bell. Today he made an offer which was basically trade rape, I countered with Joique + Gresham for Julio, he countered back with Joique + Gronk for Julio.

Giving up Gronk would leave me with Jordan Cameron and Gresham at TE
Giving up Joique would leave me with Jamaal Charles, Frank Gore, and David Wilson at RB

Gaining Julio would give me Dez Bryant, Eric Decker, James Jones, and Andre Roberts at WR

.5 PPR, Points for return yards, Otherwise standard scoring



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I really like Cameron......he's no Gronk, but I think u are fine there if you move Gronk. Jones it's a stud, so picking him up is a nice upgrade for your wide receivers. I think I would do it.


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My worry is losing a RB, but there are some decent options sitting on the waivers to replace him: Knowshon, Starks, and Pierce
That being said, I'm leaning towards doing it, because I would love to see Dez and Julio starting every week, and having James Jones/Eric Decker as flex plays seems pretty fantastic


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I'd take the Wr upgrade. Plus you know Gronky won't play every week once he does come back. He has earnrd the title injury prone.


I think you were right t have been worried about RB. Gore's done, Wilson may never be, and you have to worry about Charles. Knowshon nor Starks are likely to be their teams #1 RB's by mid-season. How many of those WR's can you start each week?