Greetings Outlaws!

Patriot Ron

Koolaid Drinker
Haven't been on here in years (I Think anyway) would say I'm from the days of the other site but cant remember what it was called anymore. I know Zack and Duk were the main two though. Got an E-mail inviting me to the Pickem league and decided to come join.
Took me many tries to remember the PW on my account.

So hope EVERYONE is doing great !! I'm going to try out the Pickem with you guys/gals to see if I can keep up and maybe add some views to threads.
Everyone that remembers me I hope remember me as being kind and fair and unbiased in my views... those of you I didnt fool I'm still a Patriot Koolaid drinking fanatic all the way.
Kind of glad I wasnt around here at least for 2 years of the ones I've been away IF bigblue is still around as I'm sure I would have been blasted in several threads .. LOL

Catch ya in some threads