Forum Etiquette Question


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As we all know, a majority of posts here are league specific.

When I check in to the forum, I click the "New Posts" tab and see what's going on. Many times, the new posts are all league specific but since I am settled in to read posts I read them anyway.

Now, on occasion, I am inspired to make comment relevant to the current conversational flow in a particular thread but I refrain because I am not directly associated with the league.

Is it the opinion of the members here that league topics should be non-member exclusive or are the comments of outsiders invited?


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I don't comment (i don't think i have) in other leagues I'm not in I will read some of the post.


I guess it depends on the thread. If they are talking about something such as rules or something of that nature then should'nt comment. But if its advice or seems like general NFL talk then no biggie imo. It also depends on what the members of the league feels. Don't really think there is a right or wrong answer. I would hope that if I was doing something "wrong" or out of place that someone would pm me and say so. I do the same thing and check in at new posts and if I see something I would like to comment on I do so. Later, sometimes, I have looked and seen that it was a league specific thread, but yea I try to stay out of those otherwise I guess


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It's just so hard not to instigate now that the play-offs are here.

It's so much safer to stir the pot when it's in someone else's kitchen.