2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion


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Trade summary from round 1:
Tampa Bay sends pick #14 and #117 to San Francisco for #13 and #245
New England sends pick #23 to Los Angeles Chargers for picks #37 and #71
San Francisco sends picks #31, #117 and #176 to Minnesota for pick #25
Green Bay sends picks #30 and #136 to Miami for pick #26


Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
I am still raw on Eagles choice. I get they wanted deep speed, and Reagor was the best available for that and vertical sepperation. But the need on defense at LB is real, and the talent level significantly drops now. Queen fell all the way to 28 to Baltimore....Good God they almost made the superbowl and got the ONE thing they really needed. Sigh.

They also need more Wr help than just Reagor, here's hoping they can snag some more talent later on.


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Happy with both the 49er picks. A lot of whining on the 49er forums about Kinlaw but I think it was the right move. Not the exciting move, but the right move. Lined up next to Bosa and Armstead for the next 5 years. Nice.

Aiyuk seems like another version of Deebo. Thick and great run after the catch skills. If Jalen Hurd is able to get past his back injury, offense will be fun to watch. Add it Trent Taylor as a 3rd down slot guy, they are going to be hard to defend.


They are rumored to be trying very hard to move into the early 2nd round where they have no picks at all. If able to do so they should address defense there but I fear they'll look WR if it is early.


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Other fun notes from last night's draft coverage:

If you looked in the reflection of the window one of the times they showed Mike Vrabel there was a person sitting on the toilet using the restroom with the door open.

During the Jets pick one of the fans on screen was a very large and muscular black man sitting there completely nude with only his twig and berries not on screen.