2019 Super Bowl- Who you got?


It's the we shouldn't be in this game Rams vs the America is sick of your winning Patriots. Who do you see winning the game and who are you for?


I may be tired of the Patriots winning ways but I am sick to death that the best NFC team isn't in the big game so I'm going Patriots and hoping they beat the snot out of the Rams.


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They didn't let Brady into the Super Bowl again just to have him lose.

Pats will win.

But I always like to see Tom lose, so I'm pulling for the Rams.


Does that camera-man still work for the Pats ????
Ha ha. You do know the Boston Herald retracted that story and put out a full page apology admitting they were wrong, that NE didn't film the Ram's walkthrough.

Brady's kryptonite is pressure up the middle. Donald and Suh can bring that. Just don't know if they can do it consistently for 60min to keep NE's score down enough. Rams offense is balanced, in that they can go power running game or air it out. My guess is Belichick schemes to take he running game away forcing it into Goff's hands. Where they'll mix up looks and try to bait him into mistakes.

Pat's win. 38 - 27

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Two things I like about Pats in the Super Bowl..

1 - Win, lose or draw.. the games are usually close and exciting.

2 - Gives me a villain to root against.

Told my wife and son mid season that the Rams would beat the NE in the big game and I'm sticking with it.. Rams over NE in a close one


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I won't pick against N.E. this year, although I do think if Donald and Co, can pressure Brady like Philly did last year, the Rams could squeak this one out.


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I've been cleaning out the wallet of a coworker since the play-offs started so for the SB I told him to pick who he wanted and I would bet the opposite.

I now officially have a $5 bet on the Rams. :D

God will reward me for my charity :cool:


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Rams are lucky to even be there. And after last years loss, I'm guessing Belicheck is working overime on the game plan, to ensure a win. So Pats will win and Brady gets another mvp in a shootout.

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