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    Demaryius Thomas or Eric Decker

    I really like Thomas, big last half of season last year with Tebow throwing him the rock. I expect huge things, IF healthy.

    Top 100 Rankings - QBs

    I like OSWEILER more than FOLES, has way more mobility and better arm strength. I think he is going to give TANNEHILL a run for being the 3rd QB off the board. He does not make it out of second round.....

    Nicks or Cruz

    Nicks at 100 percent is a beast. Strong, quick, excellent routes. The problem has been that rarely has he been at 100 %. I hold on to Nicks, he has looked so ball hungry and Eli is looking to him first. I get it though, the other way, cant argue with Cruz numbers.....

    3 rounds in the book, who has made the most progress?

    I think that Tampa had an outstanding draft.

    2011 SO Mock Draft - Post Mortem Thread

    Absolutely you disagree and that is what is so beautiful about the draft in this and other leagues. It is a lottery and you hedge your bets. That is the beauty of this type of forum whereas we partake in friendly debate, it is a beautiful thing. Thanks brother for getting this thread going!!!!!

    2011 SO Mock Draft - Post Mortem Thread

    2.23 - Kansas City Chiefs - Sgt John/FORUM - Edmund Gates, WR, Abilene Christian I think this is a huge reach. Better WR out there at this juncture for the Chiefs - Titus Young, Randall Cobb - maybe even Jerignan, although he is McCluster like.

    2011 SO Mock Draft - Post Mortem Thread

    I love your picks, dont get me wrong. I am just saying that they have HUGE needs on the offensive side of the ball to address, QB, WR have to be addressed either by way of FA or the draft.

    2011 SO Mock Draft - Post Mortem Thread

    Denver - Like what the Sarge did here, although no way Fairley goes before Dareus. Cinci - Like how Phic shored up the D in a big way, but this leaves some gaping holes on offence though...

    2011 SO Mock Draft - Post Mortem Thread

    They took Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta....... Kyle Rudolph is ready to take over from Heap and offers way too much talent at a position of need for the organization. This is consistent with the best player on the board philosophy. Moreover, there is no way Rudolph is there with that pick in Rd...

    2011 Forum Wide Mock Draft pick #20 - Tampa Bay

    Went Jordan here, potentially dominant defensive end who could be a 3-down player immediately. He's polished and very strong. Can shut down the run, which the Bucs need.

    Lions may face an interesting First Round Draft choice.

    I am going to grossly over simplify the game here to win you must 1. Have a good QB 2. Protect that good QB 3. Get the other teams QB.... All of that simply to say that I do not see how the Lions cannot take a franchise LT with their first pick.

    First 2011 Sports Outlaw Mock Draft Discussion Thread

    They need more than Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta to replace Todd Heap who wont last much longer if they want to win a chanmpionship. There is no way Rudolph is on the board at that pick, but he is the player with the most upside on the board at present. To me it is a no brainer, pull the...

    Fat Carcuss news flash

    Okay put out an APB to all hardware stores on the continent to either not sell this guy a rope and a stool or have the items as a promotional giveaway with the pallet of twinkies he buys per month.

    First 2011 Sports Outlaw Mock Draft Discussion Thread

    Went with Rudolph here as he is a first round talent and way too elite an athlete to pass up for the Ravens who could use a pressure relief valve for Flacco. Rudolph has great hands and is Jermichael Finley like in causing opposition mismatches. Would be a great addition to their potent...