Qb race for 2018

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  1. Arctic Dawgs

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    No way KC trades him to Broncos
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  2. Phicinfan

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    I would put Jacksonville there as well. A solid Qb who can hit the open Wr and hand off to Fournette would be a huge benefit for Jax
  3. Arctic Dawgs

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    I am starting to believe that Was keeps Cousins for at least 1 more year. Am reading that they can put a transition tag on him giving them the right to match any contract he can get. Placing the tag is a 1 yr ~ $28.5 mil cost. Pretty sure the NFL outlawed "poison pills" contracts after the Hutch deal with Min.

    Present QB Contracts: Stafford $26.5, Carr $25, Flacco $24.7, Luck $24.4, Wilson $23.8
    FA projected QB ~ $$: Cousins $29, Garoppolo $26, Brees $26, Keenum $15, Bradford $13, Bridgewater $12, McCown $10

    Brees is tough to guess, it is an $18mil cap hit if they don't resign him or $6mil + whatever they sign for

    The top 6 rookies will command between about $5 & $7 mil

    There will prolly be a couple renegotiations this year. Will we see the 1st $30mil QB ??
  4. Phicinfan

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    Washington just might. I noticed Jay Gruden has changed his tune with a if we get him for a year we do speech. I also know he is hugely frustrated the team won't make a long term commitment. I can see Wash. Transitional tagging him and looking at draft for future, if they can draft a guy they like in first round, then trading away Cousins. But I am not sure the NFL made the poison pill illegal, I am pretty sure you can still front load to make it a cap issue for teams, and not sure Wash has that much cap space.

    Brees is really interesting. I know he wants back to N.O., but he is way under paid. Not sure N.O. can afford to pay him. I would think Brees is worth more than Cousins.
  5. Phicinfan

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    Well.............. the first shoe has dropped.

    Washington has a trade in place with KC for Alex Smith. They are sending a 3rd round pick and Cb Kendall Fuller to KC for Alex Smith ( Smith has agreed to a 4 year extension of his contract rumored to be $71 million guaranteed).

    So we now KNOW that Cousins will be an FA open for bid.
    We also have to assume this will effect some of the early teams that will sign him vs. drafting a Qb.

    Also, Jacksonville is effected here - Bortles had surgery, so the team is now stuck with his $19 million cap hit for next year as you cannot cut an injured player. So they won't be shopping for Cousins, but could still draft a young Qb.

    I am also pretty sure that Cousins will go where he wants, he wants to win and win now...so Denver, Minnesota, Arizona look like they may have best shot.

    This is now going to be a REALLY good FA period and draft. I would add, I think this pushes San Fran to get a long term deal with Garappolo before the $$$$ fall on Cousins.
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    Great story on PFT today on the Bridgewater issue - the point being, it is a somewhat gray area - as he was injured and unable to play post week 6, the Vikings might be able to "toll" the contract and regain the last year. But that is an NFL and Players union decision...thus the P.U. may have to appeal or some such.

    Article here:
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    49ers signed QB Jimmy Garoppolo to a five-year, $137.5 million contract.

    In terms of average annual value — $27.5 million — it makes Garoppolo the highest-paid player in NFL history. That's at least until Kirk Cousins gets paid in free agency.
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  8. efactor

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    Cousins and Ryan will pass that shortly. Rodgers will blow by it when the Packers extend him. Same with Wilson. Garoppolo will seem like a bargain in two years.

    Great day to be a 49er fan. Brick by brick.
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  9. Phicinfan

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    I wonder when we hit a wall with contracts. $28 and above million - especially when one hits over $30 million will kill the cap space of these teams. I wonder if we don't see a team like GB or Atlanta drafting a Qb in the next year or so due to that.
  10. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    If at some point the cap stops going up, then there will be serious trouble. If it does, I think percentage of the cap allotted to a qB will be the main thing.
  11. Arctic Dawgs

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  12. Phicinfan

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    Potential Unrestricted Free Agents in 2018
    Kirk Cousins Qb Was - Trade with KC to get A.Smith should free him for FA now
    Alex Smith Qb KC - Traded to Was. so not available
    Jimmy Garoppolo Qb SF - signed 5 year deal
    Drew Brees Qb N.O. - still expected to resign with N.O.
    Sam Bradford Qb Min - FA
    Teddy Bridgewater Qb Min - If contract gets Tolled, he will be in Min. If it does not get tolled - he will be FA
    Kase Keenum Qb Min - FA at end of year - Minny signs him as bridge?
    A.J. McCarron Qb Cin - is now an FA
    Josh McCown Qb NYJ - will be FA

    Arizona - Carson Palmer has retired
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