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    to me, the wild card are some Qbs that can fall later. Mason Rudolf is a solid qb and can be had in 2nd round (thinking Arizona here) Falk and Lauletta from Richmond also could be later round steals.

    But I still think ONE team moves up in this draft to snag one of the top 4.
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    Time to see where things netted:

    AFC East:
    New England - have Brady. Need Qb of future - but won't look early
    Buffalo - Buffalo- First waited and got a decent bridge Qb in McCarron, who will do well in that offense that is heavy run McCoy, and then dealt up at a very good price and got Qb of the future in Josh Allen. Kid is big rangy and has played in bad weather.
    Miami Dolphins - No Qb change - Just Tannehill.
    NY Jets - NY Jets : McCown is back on one year deal, sign Bridgewater on one year deal - then take what many feel( not me by the by) the best rookie Qb in Darnold. Time will see how this worked out, but Jets got their man so kudos for them.

    AFC North:
    - Big Ben is back
    Baltimore - Flacco - and with a deft late trade get Lamar Jackson of Louisville, love this move.
    Cincinnati - Have Dalton as starter - need to find back up
    Cleveland - Cleveland : Made trade to get Tyrod Taylor - and then got one of the better rookie Qbs in Baker Mayfield. Like this move for Cleveland.

    AFC South:
    Tennessee Titans
    - Mariota is the real deal, and they keep adding parts to help him.
    Jacksonville - Bortles is back
    Houston - Watson is the man, so no they are solid here.
    Indianapolis - Luck returns they are set, if not they have Brissett.

    AFC West:
    Kansas City
    - Mahomes is starter
    Denver - Denver : Two year deal for Case Keenum - passed on all the top rookie Qbs. Not sure if they take a Qb later in this draft, if so it could be okay.
    Oakland/Las Vegas - Carr is the man in Oakland they are solid.
    Los Angeles Chargers - Rivers is the man, but he is getting old in the tooth. If they keep losing, I can see them drafting for the future and taking Rivers eventual replacement.

    NFC East:
    - Wentz was a great trade up value , still have Foles for back up as well
    Washington - A. Smith is the man now...
    Dallas - Dak is Dak and he is solid. No need here.
    NY Giants - Eli is here to stay for now and they draft Rb high to support him.

    NFC North:
    - Bradford, Keenum and Bridgewater are all gone - but Cousins is the man here now
    Green Bay - Rodgers is there, Hundley is there, and they traded to get Kizer to develop
    Detroit - Just signed Stafford to an extension so no looky here.
    Chicago - Just drafted Trubisky and he is starting now.

    NFC South:
    - Got Cam they are fine
    New Orleans - Brees re-signs with 2 year deal
    Atlanta - Matty Ice makes this no issue
    Tampa Bay - Winston is looking pretty good.

    NFC West:
    Los Angeles Rams
    - Goff seems to finally be growing into the role.
    Seattle - Wilson is set
    Arizona - Arizona : Have Bradford and then Glennon so need was there, and with a little cost, got trade up before Miami to teak Rosen. Kid has some injury history, but he also is pissed he dropped out of top 5, maybe that fire will be a great incentive.
    San Francisco - Garoppolo is signed sealed and delivered

    Top Qbs in draft:
    Mayfield - Oklahoma - Goes to Cleveland at #1
    Darnold - USC - Goes at #3 to Jets
    Allen - Wyoming - Goes at #7 to Buffalo
    Rosen - UCLA - Goes at #9 to Arizona
    Rudolph - Oklahoma St. - TBD
    Jackson - Louisville - underclassman - Goes to Baltimore at #32
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    With the 2018/2019 season soon to start, lets review this one more time....

    AFC East:
    New England - Brady #1, Hoyer #2 - no heir apparant
    Buffalo - YIKES!! No #1 - then have future Qb Josh Allen not ready for prime time, and then banged up McCarron and Peterman - Making a move?
    Miami Dolphins - Tannehill is #1 - #2 for now seems to be Osweiller - Yuck!
    NY Jets : Going to stake it here - #1 is Darnold, McCown is #2 and they will get some real trade value for Bridgewater

    AFC North:
    - Big Ben is back and is #1 - L. Jones will be #2 and rookie Rudolph will be #3 and future - look to see if they can deal Dobbs
    Baltimore - Flacco is #1 and flashing old Flacco with rookie Lamar Jackson #2, they also have RGIII not sure if they keep three
    Cincinnati - Dalton as #1 - inside speculation is #2 will be Jeff Driscol not Barkley
    Cleveland - Tyrod Taylor is #1, Baker Mayfield is #2

    AFC South:
    Tennessee Titans
    - Mariota is #1, Gabbert is #2
    Jacksonville - Bortles is #1, Kessler is #2(nice trade to get kid from Cleveland) - still risky due to Bortles being Bortles so far in preseason
    Houston - Watson is #1, Weeden or Webb #2 yuck
    Indianapolis - Luck is back and is #1, Brissett is a solid #2

    AFC West:
    Kansas City
    - Mahomes is #1 and showing promise, Henne and McGloin fighting for #2
    Denver - Keenum is #1(still not a fan and think this will bust), #2 is Chad Kelly who I really like, Paxton Lynch is officially a bust!
    Oakland/Las Vegas - Carr is the man, #2 is a mess - look for a move before season starts
    Los Angeles Chargers - Rivers is the man, #2 is shaky though with C.Jones and Geno Smith

    NFC East:
    - Wentz is #1, Foles is #2( but will start this year IMO) and Sudfeld is #3
    Washington - A. Smith is #1, Colt McCoy is #2
    Dallas - Dak is #1, Cooper Rush is #2 but shaky, Mike White is #3 and just as shaky
    NY Giants - Eli is back and is #1, Davis Webb is currently #2, K. Lauletta is #3 for now

    NFC North:
    - Cousins is #1, Siemian is #2
    Green Bay - Rodgers is there,Hundley is gone to Seattle - Kizer is #2
    Detroit - Stafford #1, Ruddock #2 with Cassell there as well(how does this guy have a job??)
    Chicago - Trubisky is clear #1, Chase Daniels is #2

    NFC South:
    - Cam #1, I hear Heinicke is now #2
    New Orleans - Brees is #1, Savage is #2 with Taysom Hill as the future Qb?!?!?
    Atlanta - Ryan is #1, Schaub is #2 - yuck
    Tampa Bay - Winston is #1 but out 3 games, Fitzgerald is #2, Griffin is the developmental Qb and future #2 - they are seriously thinking of not keeping Winston long term...

    NFC West:
    Los Angeles Rams
    - Goff is #1, Mannion is #2
    Seattle - Wilson is #1, Hundley is new #2
    Arizona : Bradford is #1, Rosen will be #2 and probably will start at some point this year, oh and they have....Glennon...
    San Francisco - Garoppolo is signed sealed and delivered and back up is Beathard

    So I have to ask...what does Buffalo do??
    Do they cut bait with McCarron and/or Peterman and go for gold with Bridgewater - but what does that do to psyche of Allen? IF they do get Bridgewater, watch out for Dallas or Oakland or Miami to snag McCarron as #2

    I am wondering if Dallas or Oakland or Miami goes to get Bridgewater for depth and protection?
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    Didn't Bridgewater go to New Orleans yesterday? Maybe that happened after you posted.
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    Yes, without a doubt N.O. read my post, and decided to move before Buffalo or Oakland or Dallas could :D
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    Unquestionably that's what happened in the Big Easy.
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