E.Elliot Rb Dallas facing short suspension

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by Phicinfan, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Phicinfan

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    Oh good grief...
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  2. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    It's for game 9 only so more BS coming next week. He has managed to delay his suspension to the point he won't be there for you in the fantasy football playoffs.
  3. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    For that matter, he won't be there for the NFL playoffs if this keeps up, which will kill Dallas' chances
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  4. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Sounds like the Zeke lawyers are trying to work out a compromise here. IMO, this would be wise for both sides....this is becoming another legal black eye for the NFL. Split it in half and go with a 3 game suspension and get it over with....
  5. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    Gonna disagree here.
    Per sources they were talking, but NFL and Zeke has no intention of agreeing.
    Secondly NFL NEEDS this win. This and the Brady case will lock in all legal woes in the future, and quite frankly there is no way the courts will disavow this as it was negotiated in the Collective bargaining agreement.
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  6. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Yep the NFL holds the winning hand here and they need to play it out. You can't have employees calling the shots.
  7. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    Yep. Not going to fold 4 aces.

    I’m glad they are sticking to their guns. IMO, the most unlikable guy in the NFL right now, surpassing OBJ. Guy is just a slimy DB.
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  8. ExperiencedRookie

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    They're inmates, not employee.
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  9. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    A decent portion of them will be (literally) at some point in their not distant futures.
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  10. mudloggerone

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    Elliott's hearing with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

    The temporary stay granted to Elliott last week does not have an end date, meaning he will be eligible to play until the court hands down a ruling. The fact the hearing is so late in the week suggests the court will not have a verdict before Sunday's game, allowing Elliott to play this week against the Falcons. Of course, we have learned to take nothing for granted in this situation.
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  11. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    Sooooooooooooooo, looks like he will be suspended for the entire fantasy playoffs. No difference for the Cowboys I guess, but going to make a huge difference in the FF world if the suspension is served this year.
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  12. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    Injunction denied by 2nd district court. Zeke is once again suspended for 6 games.
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  13. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Here comes Morris though I would have preferred the last game.
  14. Remote Controller

    Remote Controller Well-Known Member

    I feel Rod Smith ends up the back to have, but think Beasley is going lift off. Replacing run game with short passes. 10 + targets weekly
  15. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    The first hearing in Ezekiel Elliott's "expedited appeal" before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has been set for Dec. 1.

    In theory, it means Elliott could maybe have his ban overturned or delayed before it's through in Week 16, but the Dallas Morning News' Kate Hairopoulos — who has been all over the case — believes it would be a "fast process for whole thing to be completed within the six weeks." Right now, Elliott seems likely to serve all six games before the Second Circuit can decide on the merits of his appeal. That, of course, would make any victory more symbolic than anything else.
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  16. romanempire

    romanempire Well-Known Member

    Wish they'd have waited until after the falcons game to start his suspension. Saints needed a falcons loss.
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  17. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Elliot has withdrawn his appeal and will serve the rest of his suspension.
  18. MongerKhan

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  19. Phicinfan

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    See ya week 16 Zeke
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  20. KillerFins

    KillerFins Staff Member

    Mark one stupid distraction finally out of the way.
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