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I did unfortunately take Luck who then promptly announced he was retiring later that day, and my only kicker has been cut so off to a great start. Mulling over Josh Allen, Sam Darnold or Matt Stafford as best available. As a team GM Allen would likely br my last pick, but as a fantasy player thinking he offers the most upside this year of the three.


Cowboys signed Ezekiel Elliott to a six-year, $90 million contract extension.
The deal includes a whopping $50 million guaranteed. Zeke's $15 million annually not only surpasses Todd Gurley's previous league-high mark of $14.375 million per year, it officially makes the 24-year-old Cowboys star the league's highest-paid runner and ties him to Dallas through 2026.


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So this is probably his last contract - he is tied to Dallas for 8 years as he keeps the existing 2 (1 year and 1 option year).


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Good for him. RBs in general are abused by the system. They are in their prime when they are on the cheaper rookie deals nd then tossed to the curb when they get to the point of potentially making big money. I don't blame them for holding out. All over positions have a reasonable path to big money.

That said, I don't think its wise for any team to invest big on running backs. There are too many successful cheaper options to go with. Gordon will have a harder time.