Who do ya got this weekend??

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I felt better about a Pack win over the Saints but feel they get it done vs. the Bucs. I want to see Mahomes vs. Rodgers but wonder how healthy he truly is. Until I hear more encouraging news I feel Josh Allen is/was playing better right now when both were healthy. The Bills are a hail Murray pass away from 12 straight wins though many of those were against poor teams.


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tough ones, want to see two good games mostly. The sentiment is with the Bills given their tortured history. but on the other hand, would not be disappointed to see Mahomes v Rodgers or Mahomes v Brady.


Rodgers now 1-4 in NFC title games. Brady and the Bucs play the big game in Tampa. This should be fun. Hats off to the Packers for getting this far but getting 6 points off of 3 picks didn't get it done.