Week 6 WR Help

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Its a .5 ppr league and I'm trying to decide between two pretty good options IMO...

Vincent Jackson vs Philly - Had some time to heal up and practice with Glennon during the bye week and he's got a juicy matchup. I think he'll do well.


Justin Blackmon @ Den - Started his season strong last week and now he'll have Henne as his fulltime QB. He did very well with Henne at the helm last season and the Jags will have to throw a ton in this game. Garbage time pts are a strong possibility in this one.

I'd love to get some Outlaw input...


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I literally GAVE Vjax away in my league. I think he's finished as an elite option at WR. The "Ostrich" that TB installed as their starter is as green baby spinach and the team as a whole is mediocre. Glennon may be ok before it's all said and done but for this week I'd go Blackmon.

German CTL

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You gave V Jax away after one game with a rookie QB that he had never even practiced with? Not to mention he had some bruised ribs! Yikes...


Agree here. You'd be safe to start Blackmon every week till the end of the season. He hit it off well last year with Henne. The guy is a beast


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Dude, I've been wrestling with this exact Flex decision the last few days. I personally have Blackmon in just because I may not be able to check gametime actives, but it's really a tossup. Blackmon faces the 3rd worst pass-defense in the league.

I may still wind up putting Jackson in. The pundits are saying unless TB wants to run the ball 50 times even Mike Williams is a good play because they have to throw to somebody. Jackson even with Glennon whoever-his-name-is throwing is listed as a strong WR2. Vincent could shine. Jackson isn't on the injury report and has the juicy matchup of facing the worst pass-defense in the league.

I just am pissed I played Alshon Jeffery Thursday or I'd have a WR spot and play 'em both. I have Dez Bryant using my only other WR spot.

Another way to look at it, you can't lose. Either is a good choice.
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Revvin' for Seven!!
I have Dez Bryant using my only other WR spot.
I could have put him in that spot and done better. My matchup was won by that time fortunately, but I gotta start looking at Jackson a little better. Blackmon is a lock though each week he suits up in ALL formats. I even have him in a "touchdown-only" league. Good thread.