Top 5 Next year


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Its very early - day 1 of the off season, but here goes - the top 5 for FF redrafts next year, assuming standard PPr scoring:

1. Barkley - I think the safest option. Explosive for leagues with big play points, younger and less wear and a PPR machine. The only negative is uncertainty in the rest of the Giants offense. If all goes well, they have a lot of other talent that will keep teams from stacking the box

2. McCaffrey - what's not to like after breaking the record for RB receptions? Cam's health is the watch item here. If he is ok, McCaffrey should have another big year. If Cam is out for a substantial period of time, I would drop CM down a couple of spots

3. Kamara - Ingram is a FA so should not be a time share situation. Despite his smaller size, he is tough and elusive and like the top 2, should hit 70+ catches as well. Did well as a goal line back so no real weakness here. CM gets the nod because Carolina has less weapons to steal TDs away.

4. Elliot - steady all around top 5 talent. Not as spectacular as the top 3 but a very solid foundation player for your team. No known weaknesses or watch items for now

5. This is where the question marks exist - I am currently leaning towards avoiding Gurley. He looks like wear and tear is taking its toll. We may hear about some injuries that he has been playing through soon. I feel like he is on the decline. So, if we let him pass by, the options here are Gordon as the next best RB or the most dependable WR in the game - Hopkins. I tend to want to get an RB in round 1 so I will go with Gordon here. He should be of similar value to Elliott where his late season injuries this year is the only negative he has.


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Draft is going to be interesting next season. Good points you make, some questions that can't be answered right now...

What will be Leveon Bell's value? We have to wait and see where he goes...

Is David Johnson now considered a bust? He may be a super value pick if he falls in drafts...

Where will Antonio Brown be valued? Can't imagine there will be a spot where his value would be higher than it is in Pittsburg but he is the definition of consistent.

Will people overreach for Patrick Mahommes? It happens every year, people just can't help themselves...


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If this list is made week 15...Gurley would have been the hands down #1 injury and confusing usage in the SB run makes us all scratch our heads.

He to me in the most intriguing question heading into the offseason he a buy low guy and great a top tier talent at a discount from concerned owners....or is he a guy you firesale and jump off before his value goes to zero?

There will be plenty on both sides here...should be a very interesting offseason surrounding him.


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So with the Giants bumbling around it looks like Barkley's value may suffer. They are making it increasingly easier for defenses to load the box to stop the run as they dismantle their passing game weapons.

Kamara's value goes way up as Ingram signs with B'more.

Bell's value is still uncertain. Sure he will be the workhorse but prolific and offense are not 2 words that are usually strung together when talking about the Jets. Bell should give them some spark but the Jets are not Pittsburg and will not score anywhere near that level.