Someone please explain this to me


On Heinekin's TD, he lunges the ball forward and the nose of the ball hits the side of the pylon facing him. Not the inside of the pylon, the front side. Pylons are placed out of bounds. Why is this a TD. How is that breaking the plain? If any piece hits the inside of the pylon, I get it, breaks the plane, TD, but this was clearly on the front side, not inside. And there wasn't even a mention about it on the broadcast. 🤷‍♂️
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"The pylon is regarded as out of bounds when touched by any part of a player's body. If the ball breaks the plane or touches the pylon before a runner is out of bounds, it is a touchdown."


So even if Heineken dove and touched the outside side of the pylon that's a TD? How does that make any sense? Hitting a marker that is at least a few inches outside the plain, out of bounds, is a TD?

And why haven't I ever realized this before? 🤪


It caught my eye as it happened as well JScott hut the announcers stated then that if the ball touched any part of the pylon before he went out of bounds it was a TD. I just said hmmm and accepted their statement.


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Pylon is still considered front line of EndZone.

Him hitting it with the ball in the front is still "breaking" the plane.

Just the same as if it was dead center of the goal line.