SB menu... whatcha got?


Watching at home with my family so nothing huge but going with chili, wings and sliders.

There are Big horned sheep in our local area but no one sells that meat, so no sacrificial grilling :oops:


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Also end of year party for local FF league - 20 or 30 people pot luck + prop bet pool. We have an engraved trophy this year for the league which has been going since 1995. Bret Favre was my 1st round pick in the inaugural 6 team league back then. Scored the league using the newspaper on Monday.

I think I'll go simple with fresh bagles and cream cheese.


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I had fish and shrimp. The food was definitely the star of the show. The game was well, underwhelming. The ads were a no show, and Maroon 5 probably wished they no showed. Congrats to the Pats. Next year can we get the Chiefs and Saints? And some points.

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