Saints had the Cowboys number this week.


This was hard to watch. Cowboys could get nothing going on offense. Ugly game.

Dallas defense did ok, but I put the inability for the Saints to get into the endzone squarely on the Saints, not the Dallas D.

Hard game to watch.


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Point of view my friend. Was a lovely game to watch from my end haha

I believe if they had Brees this would have been UGLY for Dallas.


One of my favorite games of the last few years. Our defense played really well but the Cowboys sucky play calling was a huge help. Playing a prime time game in the Super Dome is one heck of an advantage for the Who Dat Nation. Yeah, I'm a Who Dat, you should be too. :D


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Scary thoughts here....
1) Dallas road map to beat them was set, you have to bottle up Zeke, do that and you will beat them.
2) Amari Cooper can be covered, if you have the person to do it
3) Saints have a pretty decent D. Not a game winner, but they can pressure the Qb, and when the Cbs have their head in the game, they can cover.
4) Eagles MUST trade to get Jalen Ramsay from Jacksonville. Must. That is the DB they desperately need.