Richardson owner, trade offer 1


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So, this is the league where running/receiving points are 15 yards/point, all TDs, including QB, are 6, and it is 20 yds/point return yards, obviously 6 for a TD. My first instinct was to pooh pooh this trade but am now unsure if I even can field a team this week, with Richardson getting all of three days to learn the Colts' offense. Here is the team (with this week's matchups), I still lean no on the trade by the way... As it would likely help me this week (playing against Rodgers, but historcally, and this year a bad team) but i dunno what BJGE is going forward

Oh, the trade offered is BenJarvus Green-Ellis for Tavon Austin. Tavon has obviously an upside, as we say last week, and returns kicks. BJGE looks like a bust piece... most of his yardage was garbage yardage vs. Steelers (not that yardage helps)... And Bernard looked pretty damn good... BJGE has scored 12 points in this league in two games, where Tavon has 17.

QB Ryan @MIA
WR Antonio Brown v. CHI
WR DeSean jackson v. KC
RB Trent Richardson @SF (dunno how much he will play)
RB Alfred Morris v. DET
TE Vernon Davis v. IND
W/R/T Joique Bell @ WAS
K Janikowski @DEN
DEF Carolina v. NYG (probably just picking someone else up)
D Janoris Jenkins @DAL (probably picking someone else up)
D Tim Jennings @ PIT

BN Cam v. NYG
BN Jennings v. CLE
BN Tavon Austin @DAL (would likely start over Antonio Brown, though Brown is due)
BN Lance Moore v. AZ
BN Le'Veon Bell (still waiting)

BJGE is v. GB... i would think a chunk of like 70-80 yards and a TD

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Yeah, that might help you this week, but it kinda screws you in the long run.

No to the trade.


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I would not do the trade....

But, GJGE did not get his yards in "garbage time" he got the yards to salt the game away. Big difference. He was impressive late against the Steelers and closed them out....that said, he is in a time share and i expect him to see less and less.

Austin has superior upside.

I'd keep looking for a stop gap RB this week.