Post NFL draft - here are my top 5 fantasy rankings for rookies


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Yeah its me, the "expert" :D

But... I do think some of these are pretty clear cut, as they fell to great places with urgent depth needs.
I am looking at this in a dynasty aspect, not redraft, so take it for what it's worth....

1) K. Murray ARI - he will be a double dipper like Cam - but he is much slighter, so health risk to me is greater but he will start day one, and he has some great tools to start with.
2) D. Haskins WAS - he is the best pure passer in this draft, and he will probably get half a season to learn and then replace Keenum. Honestly I think they would be better off benching him all year...but that isn't what the NFL does. Wrs here scare me, so that will hurt his development.
3) D. Lock DEN - has a great arm, but is inconsistant - some of that is who he had to work with, some of that is his arrogance. Denver has Flacco, and he won't start at all as long as Flacco is healthy. Again, Wr depth here is an issue....but they will focus on run game which always is solid for young Qb.
4) W. Grier CAR - Cam is coming off his second surgery on that shoulder, and he still is not throwing by last report. So the opportunity is there. Plus they have added more tools with solid TE, RB and Wrs that are young and developing. I don't think he will be much more than back up for a while, but who knows?
5) D. Jones NYG - the ONLY reason I have him before Stidhem in NE is Eli is on the last year of his deal. I am not a Jones fan, and don't think he will be all that in the NFL. But at some point if Giants are bad, he will get his shot to prove he can.

1) J. Jacobs OAK/LV - He is in a golden spot, HC wants to run, and he has the best talent of the Rbs there. Lynch retiring only makes it better. OL
2) D. Montgomery CHI - meet the new J. Howard folks, he will share time with Cohen, but he will be in a great situation with a solid OL. He will easily replace FA Mike Davis.
3) D. Henderson LAR - Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, Gurley has an issue. Some reports say bone on bone, others say its arthritis...or worse. Take it for what its worth, Rams traded up in the 3rd to take this kid, and I think it is to cover for the fact Gurley won't be that well used. Rams OL is still pretty good, and passing game opens a ton of holes.
4) D. Singletary BUF - Some seem to think McCoy is a goner, I am not sure on that. But Gore is there, but I don't think he will be a full time back. Rest of Rbs are just depth. I think Buffalo has focused on fixing OL to protect Allen, but also to make the running game more viable to take pressure off of Allen. This kid could be that future as McCoy is regressing quickly.
5) M. Sanders PHI - Here is the thing. I don't care what anyone wants to believe, I don't see Philly ever having a bell cow back. They just don't think that way. They like using different personnel and having different looks. That being said, Sanders is pretty special and can carve a good area for himself. Howard is on last year of deal, and is basically the L. Blount replacement. Key here is Sproles isn't back, Clement is coming off knee injury, and he has way more talent than the rest there.
Honorable mention here is Mattison in Minnesota - if Cook isn't fully back, or gets hurt again, this kid could be really great.

Honestly this one is a crap shoot. Not due to lack of talent, but the fact that there was some really dire need at WR, and there is a ton of talent that moved to those needy teams.
1) N'Keal Harry NE - they desperately needed ball catching help, and this kid can sky and get the contested throw. I could see him take over the Gronk role in the red zone and at end zone in this case.
2) Deebo Samuel SF - Team desperately needs Wrs, and this kid is electric with the ball in his hands
3) M. Brown Bal - They have no Wr talent, and they don't want Lamar Jackson to just run. This will be a run first team with Ingram, but Brown will get his deep passes which this team needs
4) Parris Campbell IND - He has it all here, pass happy offense, solid QB, and Hilton on other side to take double coverage. His speed and ability to get down field may actually help Hilton. Love that he fell to them.
5) Riley Ridley CHI - HC got his Hill clone, not as speedy as Hill, but he will be greatly used in slot to fly open and get all those passes.
Honorable Mention - DK Metcalf SEA, JJ Arcega-Whiteside PHI - Both will see time this year, but both will be blocked by current roster. Metcalf could be better off IF Baldwin does retire and both have solid Qbs that will throw to them.

1) T. J. Hockenson DET - They really need a TE that can catch, and take pressure off of Wrs. Stafford was probably thrilled with this pick.
2) Noah Fant DEN - Denver keeps trying to get a TE to catch the seems and open up the offense, and they were able to trade down and still get this kid.
3) J. Sternberger GB - eventual replacement for Graham
4) Irv Smith Jr MIN - Only reason he is lower than Sternberger is the fact that Minny has some awesome Wrs to throw to.
5) Dawson Knox BUF - They really need some TE help, and the Wr core is really questionable. I see this kid as the eventual safety valve for Allen.


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Good list.

I really like Samuel in SF. Pettis is good, but don't see Samuel as more of a target monster due to his RAC abilities.

So excited about that offense this year. Stay healthy Jimmy


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I see no Dallas Cowboys on this list, therefore the list is flawed ;)

Hey guys!
Actually the kid they drafted to back up Elliot was close, he will get opportunities but didn't quite make it

good to see you Mike!


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I like this WR group a lot this year. There are so many intriguing players. A few guys who landedin amazing spots, and at least 2 guys who have tons of talent, but their situation isn't great.

I know most people have Harry as their #1 WR. It makes a hell of a lot of sense. He probably leads all the rookie WRs in scoring. I hate the uncertainty ofhos situation though. Brady and Bill are standing at the cliff. This ride is about over. And then what?

I have Parris Campbell as my #1 rookie WR. His situation is AMAZING. Luck is a beast. Both TY and Funchess have expiring contracts at the end of the season. Also, TY is 30, and is a speed receiver. Speed fades. I don't doubt that Indy keeps one of Funchess or TY around into the future, but I'm all in on Campbell.

I'm also quite intrigued by DK. Dude is a scary size/speed combination. Now Baldwin is gone. There's plenty of targets available in this offense, and playing with Russ is nice. There's risk here though. This dude has NO agility. His 3 cone was slower than Tom Brady's. His route tree is very limited. There's a lot of work to be done here, but you can't teach size and speed. He's got the intangibles.

I'm coming around on Deebo Samuel. I have very little faith in any pass catchers outside of Kittle. Targets is a great place to start for success.

I don't know what to make of the guys in ARI. I think I'm avoiding them for now.

I like JJAW, but he's absolutely buried on the depth chart. Agholor should be gone next year, which will help. Alshon under contract for a while, and Philly features their 2 TEs a lot. I'm avoiding.

AJ Brown and Marquise Brown. Super talented. Awful situations with awful QBs. I suppose someone would have said the same about Hopkins when he came in the league too, and look at him now. I'm still avoiding unless I can snatch them up at a discount.

Then there's Mecole Hardman. I'm not touching him without some big bad news on Hill. If Hill plays, the targets simply aren't there. I hope people over draft this dude.