Phicinfan's last and greatest 2020 Mock draft - rumors of moves incorporated


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I will say this. You can write Pick #1 and #2 in stone. This draft starts at #3.

1) Bengals - Joe Burrow Qb LSU
2) Redskins - Chase Young De Ohio State
Those are locked and loaded. Yes Redskins could go OT - which they need, or they could go Qb if they are not sold on Haskins. But Rivera is a defense driven coach, and Young makes that defense intense and scary.
3) Lions - THIS is where the draft starts. Does Miami really want a Qb and are they scared of someone moving up? Does LA Chargers want to drive the Qb choice and not take Miami's left overs? Or do the Lions take the Cb they now desperately need, with the trade of Slay. I will be honest, 3 or more weeks ago, I say trade here, as Detroit WANTS more picks and has a ton of needs. But the questions on Tua are just too many, and there is a lot more warmth for Justin Hebert to risk the move to suddenly get Tua. I think Lions are stuck here. Pick is Jeff Okudah Cb Ohio State
4) Giants - HERE again could be fun, but I don't see Chargers moving up, as they will take Tua or Hebert. Miami will pick who they want. So to me the ONLY possible trade here is if Jacksonville were to deal the #9 and Ngakoue for this pick and I don't think that is enough for Giants. IF there is a trade here, to me it will have to be Jacksonville. But I don't think there will be. So is it OT which is a need, or LB/Def stud(as he could play anywhere). I have to believe its OT. They have to protect their best Offensive assets. Pick is OT Jedrick Wills OT Alabama
5) Dolphins - The pick here is Qb and all the smoke and mirrors will end. I simply don't see Miami settling for Hebert. They effectively got enough rumors out there about potential issues with Tua that the risk to trade up was way too much. Pick is Tua Tagovailoa Qb Alabama.
6) Chargers - Yeah, HC Lynn and GM feel they can win games with who they have. I am sure they have convinced themselves of that. But guess what, too many other NFL teams have shown he can't, and they don't have Rivers to carry the offense. Qb WILL be the pick here and it is Justin Hebert Qb Oregon. Not Love - not this high.
7) Panthers - its either the Lb or DT here. DL has been decimated and as much as I bet they would love to get Simmons, they have to go DT here and take Derrick Brown DT Auburn.
8) Cardinals - Mekhi Bechton OT Louisville - the guy is huge and a dire need for Cardinals
9) Jaguars - TRADE - Broncos - Broncos send #15 and other picks to move up in front of other Wr needy teams to get Jerry Jeudy Wr Alabama
10) Browns - Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa - they need to solidify this OL to help young Qb and offense. With new HC who was hired to make this offense go, this is a must.
11) Jets - CeeDee Lamb Wr Oklahoma - there are alot of back and forth on who is the best Wr in this draft, but the Jets are thrilled to get Lamb here.
12) Raiders - C. J. Henderson Cb Florida - Why? He is a MAJOR need. Yes Wr is as well, but WR is MUCH, MUCH deeper in this draft than Cb is. Also, Jags NEED Cb as well, and they don't think Henderson gets past Jags at 15 now.
13) 49ers - Same pick I believe in EACH mock - Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina - the fit is just too perfect.
14) Buccaneers - TRADE Atlanta - Falcons take Isaiah Simmons LB Clemson - need outside pass rush terribly, as much as they need Cb, but a great pass rush can make so - so Dbs look good.
15) Jaguars - previous trade with Broncos - A. J. Terrell Cb Clemson - need at DB is much more than need at Qb, and they still have the #20 coming.
16) Buccaneers - previous trade with Atlanta - Andrew Thomas OT Georgia - fits a need, and got the guy they needed AND more draft picks with deal down.

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Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
17) Cowboys - Need a couple of key things S, Cb and Pass rush. I have seen a ton of mocks with Dallas going S or DL. I have to think Pass rush is more than S here. The league has devalued S almost as much as they have Rb. Pick here is K'Lavon Chaisson De LSU.
18) Dolphins - Xavier McKinney S Alabama - Dolphins got the Qb they needed, now they need to fix the defense more and secondary is a need even with all the FA moves they have made.
19) Raiders - Wr is the need here - Henry Ruggs III Wr Alabama is the needed pick.
20) Jaguars - Okay here is where I put my money where my mouth is. If you honestly feel that they think Gardner Minshew is their answer - you are crazy. Value here is just too, too good, and it potentially spikes a few teams later - Jordan Love Qb Utah State.
21) Eagles - Kenneth Murray ILB Oklahoma - yes Patrick Queen is the draft darling at ILb, but the best PURE ILB and most consistent in this draft is Murray NOT Queen. LB is too great a need, and the value here is HUGE!!! Add to that they can get Wr later due to talent pool.
22) Vikings - has to be Cb or Wr here. Has to be. Talent at Cb is NOT as high as it is in Wr, so I feel the more dire need is Cb. - Trevon Diggs Cb Alabama - yeah I find it VERY ironic he goes to the team that just traded his brother.
23) Patriots - Yetur Gross-Matos DE Penn State this is a Bellichick guy. Fits the need as well.
24) Saints - Run to the phone and dial in - Patrick Queen ILB LSU - bring the Tiger to the Bayou!
25) Vikings - Justin Jefferson Wr LSU - hits a need and value is solid.
26) Dolphins - Make the cardinal sin here, and get franchise Rb in first round - D'Andre Swift Rb Georgia
27) Seahawks - A. J. Epenesa DL Iowa - they have to have pass rush.
28) Ravens -
Cesar Ruiz OG/C Michigan
29) Titans -
Josh Jones OT Houston
30) Packers - Tee Higgins Wr Tennessee
31) 49ers -
Brandon Aiyuk Wr Arizona State
32) Chiefs -
J.K. Dobbins Rb Ohio State


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You may be right, from what I understand they are looking for deep speed, which is Aiyuk's specialty.
Will Brinson at CBS has Aiyuk going to 49ers at 21 after a trade down, so maybe you're right

I just think Mims is a better prospect. His 40 is actually faster than Aiyuk and he's a bigger, more physical receiver. That's something the 49ers don't currently have at WR.

We will see on Thursday


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I may take one more shot, as some of these rumor's I am hearing seem to be legit. Like Tua will fall to Miami at #16, and them going OT at #3


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I get it's an optics thing, but the on-line draft concept is just ridicules.

I think the NFL can swing a big enough room for 32 tables to be set up with enough social distancing space between them. 1 rep per team to make sure the picks get there. All reps tested before.

As far as getting there. Private jets or hop in the car and make the trip.

Just saying