Patriots D?

Effing Bored

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Wasn't impressed with their Defense yesterday, but do I hold on? One week is hardly enough time to see how a team will do in the coming weeks. The Chiefs had a solid week point wise, but is it a case of one and done?

Axe Elf

The Chiefs have a great secondary, so for fantasy purposes, they're probly a keeper.

I never really understood the attraction to the Patriots' defense, although one week may not tell the tale.

Axe Elf

Playing a rookie QB, especially one that starts for the Jets, will often do wonders for a defense.


Who Dey
Not sure if Pats are a lock and load D or not, but they play the Bills and Jets again.....could be a good rotation D. I drafted them in a couple leagues because they started the season the season with 2 good match-ups. This week I may explore other options.


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Pats D is a solid play as they have 2 games against Buffalo, Jets and Miami for easy pts.