Part two


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Same situation, not looking great, also tied for second, but instead of highest points I am pretty low. .5 ppr

QB Mahomes @ LAC
RB Chubb (Sucked)
RB Michel @ PHI
WR Tyreek Hill @ LAC
WR Marquise Brown vs HOU
TE Fant @ MIN (I may grab a dwelley or something)
Flex Carlos Hyde @ BAL
K Tucker vs HOU
DST Cowboys @ DET (what a week to drop the Browns)

BN Metcalf BYE
BN Dede Westbrook @ IND
BN Marvin Jones Jr vs DAL
BN Guice vs NYJ


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Michel always terrifies me but I think you have the right people in. You can take a gamble on Guice but that's either going to go really well or really bad


Michel is the one that scares me in your line up and he's in mine as well. We both have the option of throwing Guice out there in his place. I'm out of the chase so I think I'm putting Guice in my line up but I couldn't recommend you do the same. If I were you and still in the hunt I'd stay as you have it.