NFL - Quarterback review - mid 2020 season - already preparing for draft?


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So, with teams pretty well set in standings, and a clearer view of who will probably make playoffs(except NFC East ... Yuck), lets see what is what at QB.

AFC East
- Josh Allen was all everything, but he is coming back to what he really is. Still He is who they thought.
Dolphins - Fitzgerald was actually playing well, but team has moved to the future in Tua Tagovailoa.
Patriots - Can Newton is not the plan, nor is Stidham. They will need a Qb of the future, or maybe grab FA Qb.
New York Jets - Sam Darnold is not their problem, lack of Wrs and Rb talent is. OL is. Sam is in year 3 of 5 year deal. Do they draft another Qb next year and trade Darnold?

AFC North
- Ben Roethlisberger is their starter, and depth is sketchy at best. He is in the first year of his 2 year extension. So looking at future Qb may be a plan.
Baltimore - Lamar Jackson - he is what they thought, and he is solid.
Cincinnati - Joe Burrow - He will be offensive rookie of the year, if he survives it.
Cleveland - Baker Mayfield - Has not been what most expected, he is in 3rd year of 5 year deal. He isn't why they are losing, and not why they are winning either.

AFC South
Tennessee - Ryan Tannehill is set at starter, and in year one of his 4 year extension.
Indianapolis - Philip Rivers is set at starter, in year one of a 2 year deal. Time to look for long term solution could be close.
Houston - Deshaun Watson is set at starter, just recently signed extension, but he has no tools to work with.
Jacksonville - Gardner Minshew is the starter, rumors are they may move on, and he won't start week 9 due to injury. Yeah, need to draft Qb of future here.

AFC West
Kansas City
- Patrick Mahomes - He is a stud, and really makes that offense go
Las Vegas - Derek Carr - is the starter and 2 years left on his current contract
Denver - Drew Lock - he is in his second year, and he shows flashes
Los Angeles Chargers - Justin Herbert - If Joe Burrow wasn't there, or if he breaks down, Justin would be rookie of the year.


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Now lets look at the NFC

NFC East
- Carson Wentz is the starter, also drafted Jalen Hurts this year - Carson is starter, and has 4 years left on deal
Dallas - Dak Prescott - yes he is hurt, but he is the real starter, and Dalton and Co. are not solution. He was on a FT tag, so FA next year
New York Giants - Daniel Jones is the starter, and they seem okay there. Again, do they draft new Qb? He has 2 years and 1 option year left on deal
Washington - Kyle Allen is the starter, they drafted Dwayne Haskins last year. I think they look at Qb again.

NFC North
Green Bay - Aaron Rogers is the man, and he has Jordan Love to learn from him.
Chicago - Nick Foles is the starter, Mitch Trubisky on last year of his deal. Foles has 2 years left
Detroit - Matthew Stafford is set at starter - signed through 2023
Minnesota - Kirk Cousins is set at starter - UFA in 2023

NFC South
Tampa Bay
- they have the G.O.A.T. - Tom Brady - 2 year deal so UFA in 2022
New Orleans - by all report this is Drew Brees' last year, signed a 2 year deal but he has cap hurt until 2023
Carolina - Teddy Bridgewater is locked in and playing well - signed through 2022
Atlanta - Matt Ryan is locked in, even with change cap hurt will keep him here

NFC West
- Russell Wilson is the man
Arizona - Kyler Murray set at starter
Los Angeles Rams - Jared Goff is the starter - signed through 2024 so too pricey to make a change now
San Francisco - Jimmy Garoppolo is locked in or is he? - he is signed through 2022 but dead cap hit is minimal


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High draft pick Qbs:
Trevor Lawrence - Clemson
Justin Fields - The Ohio State
Trey Lance - North Dakota State
Zach Wilson - BYU
Kyle Trask - Florida
Jamie Newman - Georgia


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Current rumors -
Niners - supposedly team realizes Garp ain't it, and may move to get or draft Qb that fits system better
Dolphins - displaying Tua to get value - as they have a ton of picks to draft another Qb if they wish


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I have heard the league impression of Darnold is good. They just understand where he is. Alot think hes not a lost cause yet


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Bears (I hope) will be looking for a new qb with an early pick. I'll take Tua for a 1st.