NFL 2020 Wild Card weekend - in/out - news and rumors


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Pretty good slate of games this weekend, no memorable games, but Baltimore Tennessee was solid and Bills vs Colts was compelling with Buffalo hanging on and getting their first playoff win in 25 years. there is something going on with Cleveland - Pittsburgh, maybe it's nothing but I am feeling things could get interesting. Browns better get their offense going again and get a TD soon, or I feel like the train may get rolling against them.


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Wonder if that is the last we see of Big Ben. 5 turnovers he was involved in, one definitely not his fault(the initial snap fumble), the 4 INTs were combination of bad play and bad hands by Wrs.

His sitting on the bench and not getting up at the end of the game may be telling


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He said he was gonna play out his contract before the season but who knows now. If he does hes got 1 year left.

There were pictures from at least 1 to 1.5 hrs post game of him and Pouncey together on the bench talking and crying.