Need to get Freeman Out


With D Freeman’s injury and Coleman lookin good, I just don’t trust him anymore. Mixon is injured too, which really puts a damper on my RBs. Any WR in my lineup you’d trade with Freeman to get ________ as an RB? Who would you trade for?


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Freeman will still be the man in ATL once he is healthy. That being said he is supposedly day to day.

If you need to deal send Freeman and Hogan and try and get a rb bump. Not sure they will bite though


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I would package Mahomes and Freeman for someone like Russel Wilson and a RB1. Mahomes is as hot as he is going to get right now and by FF playoff time would you rather have unproven or proven? You know Wilson will get better as the season goes on but can Mahomes keep it up or will KC suffer the typical Andy Reid collapse down the stretch?