Jaguars release Leonard Fournette


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Mentioned this in the news thread, but lets dig into where next....

I can think of a few teams that could really use this guy....

Washington - love or not Adrien Peterson, Redskins could really, really use this guy to help 2nd year Qb Haskins
New England - yes they have a banged up Michel, and rumors have Damien Harris has been great in camp - but NE has a history of getting disliked vets and redoing them...
Dolphins - have retread Jordan Howard and easily banged up Brieda
Texans - yes they traded for Johnson, but think what Watson could do with Fournette!!
Chargers - yes they have embraced Ekeler, but man think of what Fournette could do there
Bears - just lost Montgomery for a bit
Buccaneers - this one makes WAY too much sense.... Hey Tom, time to get to making noise!!
Rams - are they that fond of the youngsters?
Seahawks - love Chris Carson - but he gets hurt a lot, and Penny will be out for a while. That leaves Carlos Hyde...

Of all of this...
Washington and Tampa Bay seem to make the most sense. Houston might, but I think they are still in cap issues.


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If he were behind a half decent OL and on a competent team, he’d feast. So, probably the Bears for another few years of purgatory.

The Saints though, would be exciting. Put him back in Louisiana and into the Ingram role.


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I brought this up on the Bears board and no interest from the fans. One interesting comment was that Fililipo was the Jags OC and now the Bears QB coach so he would have inside info on whether to pursue him or not. The fact that we haven't heard anything from Halas Hall is telling

A talented cancer?

The Bears do need someone but more likely someone like Spencer ware or Bilal Powell